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Season XXXVIII Has Started
Posted by kach on February 25, AD 2008 @ 6:39 PM
Caesar IV Online has rolled to a new season. In Season XXXVII the winners were Grotewittebeer, chrilla (two firsts) and narutouzumaki with three first places and three second places.

The maps for Season XXXVIII are the same as those for Season XXXIV, Djedu and Narbo (high score), Emerita Augusta (time trial), Hippo Regius and Mediolanum (high population) and Narona (most denarii). Did you know that Djedu and Narbo have never been used for any contest other than high score? Or that Hippo Regius and Mediolanum have always been used for high population, and Narona for most denarii?
Poll Update
Posted by kach on February 15, AD 2008 @ 6:08 PM
Now we know what you like best about this site, we want to know what aspect of this site should be improved upon the most?

Results of the last poll: What do you consider the most important feature of this site?
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Scenario Design/Modding articles (2)

New Season Maps
Posted by kach on February 14, AD 2008 @ 12:41 AM
The maps for Season XXXVII of Caesar IV Online are now available. No change from last season: Alexandria and Carthago (high score), Antiochia and Colonia Agrippina (high population), Caesarea (time trial), and Londinium (most denarii). If you didn't make the medals in Season XXXVI, why not try and better you score this season.
Caesar IV Online
Posted by kach on February 11, AD 2008 @ 7:22 PM
The new maps aren't available yet, but Season XXXVI is over. The winners were romana, narutouzumaki (two firsts) and chrilla (three firsts). Chrilla won the Alexandria high score scenario with a score of 4441, the second highest achieved for this map. The highest ever was 8713 in Season 8 by mitret. Both players took just over 28 years but mitret finished with a lot more denarii in the treasury.
Second Tarsus Walkthrough
Posted by kach on February 10, AD 2008 @ 3:07 PM
We have a new walkthrough available for Tarsus (Empire 6, military) - a truly dangerous province. If you don't fancy fighting off those Parthians, this may be for you. Goonsquad shows how to play this map as an economic scenario. You can find it here.
Editor Tutorial, Part 5
Posted by kach on February 9, AD 2008 @ 2:58 AM
Pecunia has added a few more pages to the editor tutorial, covering the XML file. What is the XML file? How do you use it? Read Part 5 of the editor tutorial and find out.

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