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Military Tutorial
Posted by kach on April 27, AD 2008 @ 2:57 AM
The Military Tutorial from Hieronymus and Aramann is now available. The first instruction screen sounds promising:
Welcome to the Military Tutorial Please pause the game and set up your city to the left (west) of the entrance road. Make sure you place 2 timber camps, 2 iron camps, 2 sheep farms with 4 fields, and 2 weapons and armor factories. Un-pause your game and let it run until you have at least close to full employment throughout the city. Leave the area with the red box and "X" open, this is where you will place your forts.

Thanks Hieronymus and Aramann. I'll definitely be making time to try this. To try it yourself, look here in the custom scenarios section of the downloads.
Season XLII
Posted by kach on April 24, AD 2008 @ 3:49 PM
The maps for Season XLII are available. The maps are Djedu and Narbo (high score), Emerita Augusta (time trial), Hippo Regius and Mediolanum (high population) and Narona (most denarii). There are no entries yet. Can you complete Emerita Augusta in one year? If you are quick, you could take out the gold medal for the time trial.
Season XLI
Posted by kach on April 23, AD 2008 @ 3:17 PM
Season XLI of Caesar IV Online finished two days ago. The winners were Grotewittebeer (two firsts), romana (two firsts), jennywill and Braenus. No medals have been awarded yet, and the maps for Season XLII have not been released either.
New Poll
Posted by kach on April 8, AD 2008 @ 5:15 PM
With forty seasons of Caesar's Challenge completed, and an Empire that consists of 5,229 cities by 2,217 governors, it is time to ask who hasn't tried Caesar IV online?

The results of our last poll: Do you set the trade import/export limits on the Resource Advisor screen?
Often (103)
Sometimes (50)
Never (27)
No, it is too complicated (23)

Setting the import limit for goods, means that you won't store more than the import limit you have specified. Once you have the specified number in the trading post or warehouse, importing stops. This is most useful when buying exotic goods; setting the limit to one or two conserves the cash.

Setting the export limit means that you don't sell goods unless you have at least the limit stored in your city. This means you won't accidentally export all your glassware or jewellery and leave none for your citizens.
Caesar IV Online
Posted by kach on April 7, AD 2008 @ 4:20 PM
Season XL of Caesar IV Online has finished and the medals awarded. The winners were Caboman, chrilla (two gold) Grotewittebeer, Charves and romana.

The maps for Season XLI are Alexandria and Tarsus (high population), Colonia Agrippina and Ephesus (high score), Londinium (time trial) and Tingis (most denarii). Check out Season XV to see some outstanding results for these contest maps. For the Colonia Agrippina High Score contest, take a look at Yandain's entry for Season IV. It looks unbeatable.
Help Wanted: Graphics Designers!
Posted by kach on April 6, AD 2008 @ 3:15 PM
HeavenGames is continuing to grow with the series of changes that are going on with the revolution that will be Cloud 9, so we need staff to take care of the new responsibilities that are arising. Right now, we're looking for the following jobs to be filled:
  • Site Designer
  • Graphics Artist

In both of these jobs, you'll be spearheading HeavenGames' moves into new websites and games, which are critical to maintain its growth. They're important jobs with great benefits; all of the information on their requirements and benefits can be found in the Join the Team! page.

Please contact oliver (at) heavengames (dot) com if you are interested.
Arabian Bizarre Contest Results
Posted by kach on April 3, AD 2008 @ 9:32 PM
The special edition of the contest map is available in our downloads, but who actually won the contest? In hard it was Dalan again, but by a small margin from newcomer Inka. Jimaaten won the easy category and Olibrius won the novice category. Runners up were Goonsquad, charles and Cathy.

Judging the beauty competition must have been difficult. The winner was Schwartzhorse, but actually all the cities look great.

If you'd like to see the completed cities, you can download the winners' maps from the library at CBC.
Win a DVD of In The Name of The King: A Dungeon Siege Tale!
Posted by kach on April 2, AD 2008 @ 5:46 AM
(Note: NOT an April Fools joke.)

HeavenGames is proud to announce that it will be giving out 5 DVDs of In The Name of The King: A Dungeon Siege Tale, the action-packed movie based on the popular Dungeon Siege video game franchise! In addition to the movie and all of the great traditional extra features, the DVD also has a free demo of Dungeon Siege 2 for your enjoyment. All you need to do is correctly answer all 10 questions in our Dungeon Siege quiz by the deadline of April 30th and you'll be entered in a drawing for one of the five DVDs.

Unfortunately, due to various issues, this contest is restricted to our Canadian visitors only.