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Scenario: Empire 6: Tingis
Game version: v1.2 (any language)
Difficulty: Normal
Culture: 98
Security: 91
Prosperity: 60
Favor: 88
Population: 10000
Tingis Overview

Pause. A flat map - that makes it easier. There is plenty of farmland so I should be able to build on some of it. We can grow both grapes and olives, but we don’t have clay, gold or marble. The water is rather inconvenient, in the southeast corner. There are plenty of exports; I’ll start with glassware because there is sand pit right near the immigration point. I’ll have to plan a bit before I can export utensils – the iron mines seem to be over on the other side of the map.

Things to note:

All traders enter at the immigration point.

Three Light Infantry cohorts of Carthaginian raiders arrive in less than four years. They cannot be bribed. Expect them to burn down part of your city. I minimised the damage by placing towers and extra prefects.

Rome’s demands start in the second year. I found it impossible to meet all of them. I gave one medium gift to Rome when my favour fell to 12 points. After this low point, it became easier.

This scenario requires a population of 10,000. Food distribution may be a problem. Leave room to place granaries near the food markets to help keep the markets stocked.

There is a problem with the message log in the saved game. Messages after May 166 are not displayed.

The plan:

I’ll have to modify my standard block. It takes up too much space. I decide to make two blocks share an arena and exotic market. (I can also get away with only one coliseum and forum if I build them in the middle of the housing.) I play around with the design and end up with two double blocks, each with 16 domus, 24 insulae and 8 possible villas. One block will only have 7 villas – there are rocks in the way. I decide to build in the centre of the farmland. The coliseum, forum and granaries will go in the centre; the farms will fit round the outside.

I plan to have grain farms to the east of the housing, and vegetables and meat to the west. The wool, olives and grapes can go in the southwest. I’ll build most industries between the housing and the immigration point, to be close to the trading posts.

Tingis March 158

158 AD:

I layout the first block and place the 8 domus and 12 insulae. I mothball 3 domus. I place the services and set the labour priorities. I build two vegetable and two grain farms (and a gatehouse just to make sure there will be enough room for the walls); I un-pause the game.

As the plebs move in, I start up the sand and glass industries. I still haven’t decided how to organise the iron and utensil industries, so I plant olives instead.

By June, the first food is being harvested. I build a food market, and a granary near the market to help fetch the food – the grain farms are on the far side of the farmland.

I now have two sand mining camps, three glass factories, two olive farms, and two oil factories, with a warehouses and prefects and engineers near the industries. I open trade with Sardinia to sell glass. The treasury is down to 600 denarii. The population is 1040.

I build another grain farm.

By November I am selling oil to Numidia and the treasury is back up to 1,000 denarii.

159 AD:

In January I turn off one sand mining camp and build a third vegetable farm.

In March, I turn off one olive farm and build a warehouse near the housing. I set it to hold 16 glassware. I turn off glassware exports temporarily.

In May I build a basic goods market and let everyone have glassware. I am short 18 plebs.

By July, the insulae are upgrading.

In August I decide it’s time to start on utensil exports. I build an iron mining camp, prefect and engineer to the east of the farmland.

Rome demands 30 weapons. No problems, I’ll manufacture weapons instead of utensils. I un-mothball a domus and build a shrine to Mars so I can get the increased weapon production. I build a theatre too, to soak up the unemployed equites.

As the insulae upgrade, I build up the weapon industry.

By December, I have one iron mining camp, two timber cutters and three weapon factories, and warehouse to hold timer and iron. I build a third oil factory.

160 AD:

The last small insula is upgrading, I tun on glass exports again. I build a warehouse to hold weapons.

In February, Rome demands 30 armour. I certainly won’t be able to meet this demand. I need more plebs. I set the warehouse near the housing to get oil as well as glass, and let the market sell oil. I set the oil and glass export limit to 8. I add another timber camp.

By July, I have another iron mining camp, a utensil factory, and a fourth olive oil factory. I have mothballed one grain farm, one vegetable farm, one glassware factory and one timber camp. I un-mothball the second olive farm.

I send off the weapons.

In August, Rome demands 60 oil. I turn off the oil exports.

As the medium insulae upgrade, I add another utensil factory and a sheep farm. I start exporting utensils.

When I have 2,000 denarii I open trade with Latium and start selling weapons. I add a warehouse to hold wool. I start stockpiling oil.

161 AD:

By January, most insulae are upgrading. I build a warehouse to hold oil, a third utensil factory, and another granary. I un-mothball a vegetable farm and a glassware factory.

In February my favour falls to 30 as I miss the deadline for the armour demand. I need more plebs. It is time to start on the next housing block. I turn off another timber cutting camp and build a luxury market to let the equites buy utensils (but not wine or furniture).

In March Rome demands 75 meat. While I am trying to decide where to put the cattle farms, the warning about desert raiders comes. I build a gatehouse, tower and a section of wall to the north of the housing, and to south of the industrial zone.

In April, three light infantry cohorts arrive and I cannot bribe them. They come from the south, so I turn on the southern tower and gatehouse. I mothball a couple of industries to supply the labour.

By July the invaders are leaving and I have lost an olive farm, a sheep farm and two trading posts. The prefects just manage to save the warehouse full of olive oil that I am stockpiling for Rome. The oil is due in one month. I have 59.

I send the oil and mothball the towers and three oil factories, as there are currently no olives available. I rebuild the olive and sheep farms, and one trading post.

The meat demand is due in 6 months. I build three cattle farms.

In August, I add another utensil factory and a granary to hold the meat. I make sure the food market is not selling meat. The equites are moving in to the upgraded domus so I lay out the roads for my second housing block, and start adding the service buildings. I mothball the unused theatre.

Rome demands 60 wine. Things are not looking good. The second housing block has water and full religious cover, so I place two insulae. As the plebs move in, I turn on the oil factories again.

By October, there is still no meat in the granary and only 3 months to go. With only nine months to produce 60 wine, and no grape farms, it looks like I’m not going to meet the wine demand either. I discover that I am still stockpiling oil. I fix that and build another olive farm.

In December, there is wool in the warehouse. I build my first armour factory. There is a sandstorm.

162 AD:

January. This is a difficult year. The meat is due in three weeks. I have only 9 stored. The wine is due in six months and I still haven’t planted any grapes.

In February I place another two insulae. My favour drops to 22 when I miss the deadline for the meat demand. I notice that my security rating is now down to six. I let the food market sell meat. I rebuild the trading post for Numidia.

In March I add a second armour factory, another food market and another basic goods market.

In April I add another grain farm, another vegetable farm and extra warehouses to help with distribution. I turn on the last two domus in the first housing lock.

In May I add services to the second housing block and build shrines to Bacchus in both blocks.

By August I have two more insulae in the second block. I have two grape farms, another oil factory, 3 iron mining camps, four weapon factories, five grain and five vegetable farms. I un-mothball a timber cutting camp.

Rome requests 60 grain. I stockpile grain. I miss the deadline for the wine demand. My favour falls to 12. ‘Rome considers me a failure.’ A medium gift of beautifully crafted silver chalices was received warmly; I am back to 20. People no longer draw funny horns and a beard on my portrait.

By October, I have 7 working grain farms and two granaries to hold grain. There are now four insulae in the second block. I have two wine factories and I am selling armour (over 8) to Latium and wine to Aegyptus. I un-mothball the third timber cutting camp. The theatre in the first housing block is now working.

I build another warehouse – the trader from Numidia still has not turned up and oil is accumulating.

In December, my ratings are 46/45/24/20/3300; I have 8203 denarii. I send off the wheat, mothball one granary and build a third armour factory. My favour rises to 30.

163 AD:

In January I add 2 more insulae and a domus to block two.

By May I have three grape farms and five wine factories. I add another warehouse near the housing to store wine, and allow the luxury market to sell wine. I build a fourth armour factory and turn on the mothballed granary. I add a tax office and theatre to block two, and three villas in block one.

In June, I start the clothing industry, and add another sheep farm and warehouse.

In July I build a third food market.

In August, Rome requests 60 weapons. I should be able to meet this one. I certainly don’t need the cash from weapon exports; I have over 21,000 denarii. I stockpile weapons.

By the end of the year I have placed another two insulae, a fourth villa, two more domus, two more prefects and engineers, another vegetable farm, and another warehouse to hold weapons. I build an exotic market.

I start importing papyrus and laying out the roads for the third housing block.

164 AD:

I have a minor problem in January. Some of the equites move out because they don’t like the desirability. This is easily fixed by adding plazas.

I spend February and March building up the services in block three. I add another cattle farm and vegetable farm, and more prefects and engineers.

In April I start the furniture industry – another timber cutting camp, a warehouse and a furniture factory.

In May I send the weapons to Rome and my favour rises to 40. I add another two domus to the second housing block.

By July I have my first functioning arena, and the third housing block has bathhouse coverage.

In August Rome requests 60 armour. I stockpile armour and build the first two insulae in the third housing block.

In Setember I get the warning that the raiders are coming back. I build another luxury market and two more insulae. I add a couple of extra prefects near the industrial area, partially wall in the housing, and add more walls and towers round the industries.

When the raiders arrive in October, I mothball the oil and wine industries and turn on the towers, gatehouses and extra prefects.

In November the wine factories are burning, and Rome demands 30 weapons. I stockpile weapons.

165 AD:

The raiders leave in January. This time I have lost a trading post and a wine factory. I rebuild them.

My ratings are now 62/40/30/40/4700 and I have 23883 denarii.

I turn on the oil and wine industries again, and turn off the towers and extra prefects. I add more domus, services and markets to block three and add to the industries – another sheep farm, glass factory, and two more clothing factories,.

In March I ship the armour, and open trade with Achaea to buy spices and sell sand. I un-mothball the second sand collecting camp. The population reaches 5,000.

I am running out of iron. I add two more iron mining camps, a glass factory and a furniture factory.

In May I build a theatre, a luxury market and two more insulae in block three. I add another three villas.

Rome demands 60 oil. I set oil exports to over 64.

By August I have two more timber cutting camps and four furniture factories. The luxury markets are selling furniture. I have added a forum. I build 2 domus in block three and add a hospital to block one.

In October, Rome demands 30 armour. I set armour exports to over 34. I send off the weapons to make room for armour in the warehouses.

In November I layout the roads for the fourth housing block, wall in the city and add another two insulae. Rome requests 60 grain. I start stockpiling grain. Rome now demands 60 wine. I check the wine. I seem to have been overproducing - I have 52 in storage. I set wine exports to over 64.

In December I send the grain. Favour rises to 60.

First double block complete in 165 AD


My ratings are 704/31/42/60/5950. I open trade with Africa and start importing ivory. I build another cattle farm and an animal trainer. As the domus upgrade, I add religious and health services to the fourth housing block. I build a coliseum.

In February Rome demands 75 meat. I stockpile meat.

In April I start stockpiling oil. I have one month left and only 57 in the warehouse. I manage to send the oil on time, and change the export level to over 32.

In May I work on the housing in block three - exotic, luxury and basic goods markets, three villas and two insulae.

In June I send off the meat and then build a coliseum. I add another sheep farm, two clothing factories and a scattering of prefects and engineers. I start exporting clothing.

By October I have sent off the armour and the wine. I add more insulae, markets, granaries and farms. I start exporting furniture.

167 AD:

The ratings are 81/78/56/60/7060. I have 37899 denarii. 62 houses have perfect nutrition, four have good nutrition. I build another two villas.

By April I have 6 domus in block two and everyone has perfect health coverage.

In June I start placing insulae in the fourth housing block.

In July Rome requests 60 weapons. My population has risen to 7500. I add 2 domus and three villas. I build a few more farms and equite services.

168 AD:

January. I ship the weapons. Favour rises to 69. Population is 7990.

Everyone has perfect education cover.

I add more insulae and start tuning on the gatehouses.

In June I receive a warning about the raiders. I add to the walls and towers near the industrial area.

The raiders arrive in July. I mothball the wine industry and turn on the towers and extra prefects.

In August Rome requests 60 armour.

In September the raiders leave after burning down four sheep farms. I turn on the wine again.

In October Rome requests 60 grain. I send it immediately.

In November Rome demands 30 weapons. I send off the armour. Favour rises to 89.

169 AD:

January. My ratings are 98/51/62/89/8970. I have 90,314 denarii. I build more insulae.

I add two domus to the last housing block. I decide not to build a circus; I build a few temples instead, to soak up the unemployed equites. I don't need any more equites, so I build myself an estate in the space I had reserved for another four domus.

In September I send the weapons.

In November my population is 9800. I place the last two insulae.

170 AD:

In February Rome demands 75 meat. I can ignore this one.

In May the population reaches 10,000 and I win the scenario.

Centre of city in 170 AD

Events and Requests:

159 08 Demand for 30 weapons
160 02 Demand for 30 armour
160 08 Demand for 60 oil
161 03 Demand for 75 meat
161 03 Raiders no buyoff
161 08 Demand for 60 wine
162 08 Request for 60 grain
163 08 Request for 60 weapons
164 08 Request for 60 armour
164 09 Raiders no buyoff
164 11 Demand for 30 weapons
165 05 Demand for 60 oil
165 10 Demand for 30 armour
165 11 Request for 60 grain
165 11 Demand for 60 wine
166 02 Demand for 75 meat
167 07 Request for 60 weapons
168 06 Raiders no buyoff
168 08 Request 60 armour
168 10 Request 60 grain
168 11 Demand for 30 weapons
170 02 Demand for 75 meat

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