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Twelve Days

Author File Description
File Details
Game version: v1.2 (any language)
Region: Northern Europe
Map size: 512x512
Population goal: 0
Culture goal: 0
Security goal: 0
Prosperity goal: 0
Favor goal: 0
Herewith a seasonal gift from Hieronymus and Aramann to the C4 community - a "fun" scenario that is very loosely based on the traditional carol "The Twelve Days of Christmas", and is (for us) comparatively free of evil elements...

The original idea was aramann's, and we co-wrote the plot. I did all the hard work (converting the plot to an actual scenario) and aramann had all the fun testing it (it says here).

My personal thanks again go to aramann for coming up with the original suggestion to do this one, for all her many other suggestions along the way, for testing (of course), and - most of all - for making the whole process of creating this scenario so much fun! We hope you have as much fun playing as we had making it!

On with the story:

"The mad Emperor Domitian has appointed you as governor of Eboracum, which has been unseasonably cold for some time. Caesar has decided that you must bring some seasonal joy to the place, and has even promised to grant its citizens a year long holiday, courtesy of Rome.

There is, of course, a condition attached to this promise. Before the holiday can be granted you and your citizens must perform twelve tasks assigned at the whim of Caesar, one to be performed each year. Fail in any task and your citizens' holiday - and very probably your life too - will be cancelled.

There is a further complication in all of this, in the shape of one Seutonius Paulinus Grinch, rumored to be the illegitimate son of Julia Drusilla, daughter of Caligula. He very much desired this posting you now have - but, having
widely gained a reputation for being a pompous ass, humorless as a chicken, he has now been appointed Inspector of Cities by the Governor of Britannia. Seutonius Paulinus Grinch promises to take a very close interest in how your city is doing, and you may expect him to delight in offering you many "helpful" suggestions (and obstacles) along the way."

A final note: all files in the attachment should be copied into the Caesar IV\Data\Scenarios folder, with the exception of
partridge.mp3 and frenchhens.mp3, which should go into the Caesar IV\Data\Audio\Voice\Tutorials folder. There will be (we hope) an optional sound file available on Caesar IV Heaven for those of you who wish to enjoy the full experience (link will be posted when available).

EDIT: Updated CS file - there's a minor bug with the messaging in Year 6
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momof6 i can't for the life of me figure out how to get the cosmetics in the third year. What am I missing?
File Author
Aramann and I are intending to post hints for each year every other day or so. Here's the hint for Year 1:

Just some key words in the messages: "trade", "partridge", "pear tree" and "SPELL"...

If this doesn't mean anything, try looking at the Empire Map...

For Year 3 all I would say is that you are missing some hidden trade routes. Keep checking the storage build button...
momof6 i am in the sixth year and the only hint message i get is about finding the oblisk nothing about finding olives?
File Author
Sorry, having looked into this there is a minor error in the script which causes it to show the Year 1 tip rather than the one for Year 6. This should be corrected in the updated file (only the file "Twelve Days.cs" needs to be changed).
ivrunafowl Hi, What folders do the different files go into? Please
File Author
Each of the following files should be copied into the "Caesar IV\Data\Scenarios" folder:

Twelve Days.cs
Twelve Days.xml
Twelve Days.scn
Twelve Days_Color.dds
Twelve Days_Blend.dds
Twelve Days win.mp3

The following files should be copied to the "Caesar IV\Data\Audio\Voice\Tutorials" folder:

ivrunafowl Thanks Angrod,
Started playing it today and have gotten to the 6th year. I like it... will do a review when done. The first years clue of "SPELL" still has me confused.
File Author
Glad you're enjoying it ivrunafowl! I'm not sure how many have worked out the "SPELL" clue. But, as you've found out, it's not really that vital. There are certain trade routes you need to have open and the "SPELL" clue may help you identify which ones. But if you open every route (as you need to do sooner or later) then you've automatically met the requirement :-)
File Author
Time for another couple of hints. If you don't want to know, look away now...

Year Two

Actually, there is really not much to say about this one. It's just a question of making sure you have enough denarii to spend on, well, whatever you need to spend it on.

Year Three

A more tricky one this. You have to acquire a certain amount of a resource that you cannot produce, and which the Empire Map tells you that you cannot import. So what gives? Here you may learn that the Empire Map may sometimes be economical with the truth, and toggling the map labels off and on may be a clue to this. So... if there are routes available, they must be hidden. And logically they must be available at some time during the year. The puzzle then becomes a) when will they be available? b) when they are available, how can you tell? Well, if you have a trade route open and you want to import something, what must you first do?
ivrunafowl Ceres the Roman goddess of agriculture is not feeling my Love....would she like to feel the toe of my boot..lol. This has been the most challenging so far to over come and everything I'v tried to date has not worked. Bah humbug!!!! Come on 6th day lol.
Merry Christmas!
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