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Caesar in Exile

Author File Description
Gordon Farrell
File Details
Game version: v1.2 (any language)
Region: Southern Europe
Map size: 128x128
Population goal: *
Culture goal: *
Security goal: *
Prosperity goal: *
Favor goal: *
This is a three-scenario campaign that explores the early adventures and political intrigue surrounding the life of a man who would one day conquer the ancient world. Gaius Julius Caesar came from a prominent Roman family but few people suspected how the struggles and persecution of his early years would forge in him a leader of political genius, military audacity, and popular adoration. It began in 81 BC, when Caesar was 19 years old and the infamous tyrant, L. Cornelius Sulla, marked Caesar and his family as enemies of Rome. Escaping Italy and seeking sanctuary in Asia Minor, Caesar began to hone his skills as an administrator and military tactician -- all the while keeping a close eye on the political turmoil that was engulfing his beloved Rome.

- A unique, fully implemented campaign that is played through the “Other Campaigns” option especially provided on your start up menu.
- Three maps reconstructed from the retail game to provide unique military and city building challenges
- A fully developed narrative with custom messages and a historically accurate storyline.
- Original voice files to tell the story and advance the campaign

To install CAESAR IN EXILE, use one of these methods:

A. If the game is installed on your C drive, then you can right click on the zip file, select “Extract to...” and then select your C Drive. All the files will fall into their proper place.

B. If the game is NOT installed on your C drive, use the same procedure outlined in "A," but designate the drive on which your game is installed, ie, "Extract to... D drive."

C. If this fails, then you will have to extract the zip file to a folder on your desktop, and manually transfer the unzipped files to following folders:
1. Program Files/Sierra/CaesarIV/Campaigns: the xml file “Caesar in Exile”
2. Program Files/Sierra/CaesarIV/Scenarios: All 24 files labeled “Alexandria Troas,” “Myteline,” and “Villa Gens Julia.”
3. Program Files/Sierra/CaesarIV/Audio/Voice/Tutorials: All mp3 files labeled “tutorial.”
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Gordon Farrell
File Author

There are a few small technical issues that you'll notice when playing Caesar in Exile. Some of them I don't have the technical expertise yet to fix, but some of them are endemic to the game and I don't think there is a fix.

1. When a military threat is imminent, you WON'T get a red line of text warning you that a threat is coming, at the bottom of the Chief Advisor page. The way I have created invasions is by using scripted triggers that operate separately from the game system. The best way to double check if an invasion really is coming is to check the "Instructions" message log. I'm sure there's a line of C# I can add to make the red warning text fire but I haven't found it yet.

2. When voice messages are playing, and you're engaged in another activity, the voice mp3 may stop playing. This seems to be endemic to the game. The best thing to do is pause the game when voice messages are playing.

3. Right, pausing during voice messages should be built into the C# scripting, but I haven't figured out how to do it yet! Anyone got a suggestion?

One of the things I discovered is that any custom campaign is restricted to using cities that are on the same pre-coded campaign maps that shipped with the game. In other words, a custom campaign has to use either the Kingdom, Republic or Empire maps. And you can't move or re-name the cities on those maps.

As a result, I chose locations on the campaign map that approximated the places where Caesar was operating during the time period of the story. Then I fudged the historical geography a little bit, designating the pre-fixed campaign map cities as "Provincial Capitols" that had authority over a larger, nearby area, which is where Caesar actually did undertake missions similar to those described in my story.

So, some of you may look at this and (justifiably) question the historical accuracy of some of the place names on the campaign map... but there really wasn't any other way to tell this story. At least, not until someone deciphers the campaign map code and modders are allowed to build their own campaign maps!
Elizabethus Thank you Gordon for a most interesting scenario. I'm looking forward to assisting Caesar in his future campaigns.
Gordon Farrell
File Author
Hi, Elizabethus. I'm glad you enjoyed my campaign! I'm hoping to get some more responses from people, though, before I plunge into part 2... in the meantime, I appreciate your encouragement!
PopeJohn1 Gordon, I finished the first mission of Caesar in Exile but it took me two tries. That is one tiny map, and I don't see how anyone can accomplish the mission by building a fort. It takes 7 insulae and 3 domii to reach the 1200 population requirement (with 1 villa for Caesar, of course) and still maintain the basic services. You need at least 3 resource gatherers and 3 factories (minimum) plus the farms, the trade port, and other services. Even by cutting down almost all the trees I barely squeezed all that in (on the second try), and there simply was no room for a fort, recruiting station, and/or mess hall. Thankfully, by building several prefects and towers, I was able to hold off Sulla long enough to accumulate enough meagre pay to purchase the favor I needed to win. If you can build all that other stuff, please show me how. It was tight! (It was also a lovely spot.)

I'm on to Alexandria Troas now and this one looks like fun. More room. Thanks for all your hard work in designing this scenario.

el papa
Gordon Farrell
File Author
Hey PopeJohn1, I'm glad you're enjoying the challenge! First off, I really was trying to build a scenario with VGJ in which the player would feel like, "Wow, I gotta finish up and get outta here or Sulla's going to wipe me out!" So it sounds like that part of it worked.

As far as the military challenge goes, ballista towers and prefects go a long way, but towards the end Sulla's forces show up in pretty overwhelming numbers. A light infantry cohort is pretty essential for taking out his catapults... although prefects are effective against those, too.

What may have thrown you off is the confusion I created by calling this a Villa. You don't actually need a villa residential building to win. The concept I was working on was that the whole map is Caesar's villa!

Anyway, here's how I got my population properly situated, and still had room for mess hall, recruitment, and fort.

EDIT: Hmmm, HGS doesn't seem to support screenshots in this forum. At least I can't figure out how to do it! You can find the screenie over at Tilted Mill's C4 forums... use this url:


[Edited on 05/25/08 @ 12:44 PM]

C4 Heaven should definitely host some screenshots Gordon.

Edited: I've added screenshots of Villa Gens Julia and Myteline to the gallery here: http://caesar4.heavengames.com/gallery/view_album.php?set_albumName=citylayouts

Yes, having to build a villa for Caesar would certainly make the scenario harder!

[Edited on 06/07/08 @ 07:55 PM]

Hans952 I found the Campaign very interesting with just the right amount of challenge (although looking at a completed city from kach did give me the idea of keeping the miners within the city walls). Hope you come out with another for Julius Caesar. Can't wait to fight the Guals or mighty Pompey. Actually I prefer the economic scenarios better but they don't seem as difficult. Keep it up and I look forward to the next installment.
Rating: 5
(Insert Rating analysis here)

Additional Comments:
Just finished 1st looking forward to the second city. Great job in making it an interesting challenge with population, space and backround
Dorian Hawkmoon
Rating: 5

Its a great campaign, it's fun, its Caesar 4, in this campaign play 3 awesome missions ... need more plz :)
Gordon Farrell
File Author
Wow! Two 5.0 ratings! I'm really flattered, guys, thanks! Guess I'll have to give some thought to moving ahead with the sequel... :)
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