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Game version: v1.2 (any language)
Region: North Africa
Map size: 512x512
Population goal: 0
Culture goal: 0
Security goal: 0
Prosperity goal: 0
Favor goal: 0
A sandbox with a large flat map, lots of trade, and no military. Thanks go to mihaip for testing the map and providing feedback.

"You have been sent to North Africa by the Emporer Trajan, with strict orders to build a "Colonia" at Thamugadi (Timgad) - a city specially created for retired soldiers of the Third Augustan Legion, who are based at Lambaesis nearby. As the place is rich in resources, with excellent trading opportunities, Ceasar expects you to build a great city suitable for heroes to live in.

"You will find that the presence of a strong force at Lambaesis will keep your city safe from any raiders. In fact, the legion at Lambaesis has done such a good job of keeping the enemy at bay that they are getting bored. If you can send them some funds, they may be able to keep occupied by going ivory hunting - which you can then buy from Lambaesis and pass on to the rest of the Empire at a nice profit.

"One matter has been concerning governors in many of these hot provinces - how to keep their cities from burning to the ground. The best brains in Rome have been tasked by Caesar with solving this problem - and they think they have come up with an answer. Grandly calling it 'The Safety Network', they have worked out a system of protection that requires you to build at least 6 prefect offices and 6 engineer's posts, plus one of each for every 5000 population you have. Set this in place and your buildings will never catch fire or collapse again!"
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Dorian Hawkmoon
Rating: 3.5

This mission is too easy, u can earn lot of money with trade. Anyway its cool but for beginners.
Savrill Hey,

Im looking forward on working on this map. One thing i noticed though is that the villa button is red at the start...does this change during the course of the game? are there any requirements for patricians?
irenasc Does anybody put this in format .cs4
Rating: 5

This scenario was designed for: all map made of flat terrain (so you can built anywhere you want), no sea access (so you can make your city as large as the game allows), plenty of fertile terrain (so you can feed a large population), a security system that allows you to play the game at high speed even if you have a large population (you only need a fixed number of prefect offices and engineer's posts for a given population), many trade routes and the maximum available resources that the game allows in a map. The scenario has all that i mentioned and a couple more that maybe i forgot, so to sum it up in one word: perfect.
Poorman Hi folks,

I worked up two charts for all the trade routes available in this scenario so that you can more easily decide on which trade routes to choose from and to see which are more profitable etc.

There are 33 routes available to choose from and perhaps you don't want to open all of them, so this should save you quite a bit of time in picking and choosing what ones to manage.

I uploaded these two charts in the Downloads area under the Miscellaneous Files sub-directory.

Here's the link:


~ Poorman

EDIT: You know, it might be interesting to try and play this scenario with the objective of trying to maximize all 33 trade routes, to see if it's even possible.

[Edited on 11/30/12 @ 08:46 AM]

Cenzhe Thanks Poorman for the summary of trade routes. That saved me a lot of effort. Besides, it's good to know there are some one out there who also enjoys gathering data and planning. For the highest usage of facility coverage, I even built a tool application to simulate the coverage area and test out my ideas.

Thanks also (of course) goes to Angrod for producing this many custom maps. I can't imagine how much dedication is required for being so productive. Salute.
mkd9000 hey thanks for a great map. its the best ive played so far.
just a few wishes. can the map be made with military ? is it possible to make it with space for a strait citywall around the edge and a pricise center mark on the map would be great:)

great work .
Rating: 4.5
(Insert Rating analysis here)

Additional Comments:
hey thanks for a great map. its the best ive played so far.
just a few wishes. can the map be made with military ? is it possible to make it with space for a strait citywall around the edge and a pricise center mark on the map would be great:)

great work .
dragos95 Hi, can you play explain the "6 prefect offices and 6 engineer's posts" thing?
I played the map twice and each time, at a certain point, my whole city would catch on fire and there was nothing I could do.
I placed 1 prefect office and 1 engineer post every 5 buildings. There was no fire for a long time and a certain point the whole city caught on fire all of a sudden.
SailorMars re dragos95: fire problem. how big is your city? i assume you are certain your prefects are fully staffed w no labor shortages?

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