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Tony Devon UK
File Details
Scenario: Republic 1: Syracusae
Game version: UK v1.01
Difficulty: Normal
Culture: 25
Security: 50
Prosperity: 25
Favor: 42
Population: 1140
Walkthrough for Syracusae (First Civil Republic)

Scenario starts in Feb 241BC.

This scenario requires the production of wool and grain in fairly large quantities. The prosperity will come from fully upgrading to large insula and partial upgrade to medium domus for the equites. The scenario cannot be completed in less than 2years and one month because of the favour requirement. You have plenty of Denarii.

As soon as the map appears on screen, stop the action. (click on II at bottom right of the screen ).

Referring to the screenshot, I used the rocks as a reference point and placed the reservoir, prefecture and engineer in order to position the cross road. Build a road towards the sea and back across the main road into the growing area.

I use a standard layout for my cities; place 6 insula in two blocks of three with a fountain and a shrine to Jupiter between them. Place 4 domus in a block on the seaward side. I place an Odium, clinic and bathhouse between the main road and the reservoir, which needs connecting to a pump house.
On the main road build the three markets and a tax office. Your city is ready to go once you place your farms and industries.
Place 2 grain farms and 4 fields, 1 cattle farm and 2 pastures, 1 grape farm and 2 vineyards. Next to the grape farm place a wine factory. On the main road, near the hill, place 2 sheep farms and 4 pastures. Across the road place 4 clothing factories and a warehouse. Mothball the factories until you have raw materials and manpower.
Go to the Empire map and open trade routes to Latium, Apulia and Sardinia. Place a dock for each at the shoreline and connect to roads. Switch on exports for each dock and import pottery from Apulia. On the resources page, set export limits to 6 clothing, 6 wool and 12 grain. These are amounts set aside in your markets before anything is exported. Set pottery import limit to 10 or else you will be flooded with pottery.

Your treasury now has 5043Dn. Start the action. People will flood into your town until the population is 580 by the end of April. By June, your insulae will evolve to medium (due to imported pottery), population 840. Turn on the wine factory and then the clothing factories as manpower grows.

Stop the action.
Build a granary and 2 more grain farms. Go to resources and set Grain to 15, this will allow stocks to be available when Caesar calls..
Start the action. The domus will upgrade to medium with wine and the insulae to large. Place Theatre and Actor Colony to employ equites. Culture will now be 25, Security 50, Prosperity 25, Favour 34 and population 1140.
You can add more sheep and grain farms to mop up unemployed plebs.

In August 241BC Caesar will demand 10 grain, ship it. Reset resources Grain to 20.
In March 240BC Caesar demands 15 grain; ship it and reset resources to 30.
In September 240BC Demand 25 grain.
In Mar 239BC Caesar Requests 30 grain – ship it.

Favour goes to 42 and success is yours!

Walkthrough by Tony Devon UK.

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