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Cleopatra in Massilia

Author File Description
File Details
Game version: v1.2 (any language)
Region: Southern Europe
Map size: 384x384
Population goal: 6000
Culture goal: 95
Security goal: 95
Prosperity goal: 95
Favor goal: 95
This is the standalone version of Cleopatra in Massilia, a recent CBC contest by the C4 design team of Goonsquad and Schwartzhorse.

The Story-

Caesar is still away in Alexandria and thus I, as his most senior Proconsul, will brief you on your next assignment in his stead.

Caesar has made many conquests in his time, but his latest would be by far the most astounding. Caesar has won the affections of the beautiful and charming Egyptian Queen Cleopatra, and wishes to bring the Queen for a romantic interlude at the most sumptuous of all his cities, a city made to order for the arrival of such a distinguished couple.

This city is to be built from the ground up in the most romantic of all locations, the beautiful south of Gaul, and you have been given the honour of building and governing this paradise.

Lesser Governors have failed in this area in the past. In particular, they have failed to pay proper respect to the Gods, and you may find the Gods a little less than welcoming upon your arrival, however I have assigned you the finest Religion Advisor in the Empire, a pious man trusted and respected by all the Gods, and he will surely assist you in your endeavours. Your religion advisor informs me that your city will benefit greatly from the favours of one God in particular, but will not further elaborate.

Caesar wishes his city at Massilia to be built without undue delay, so I would advise you to make haste in your endeavours. And finally, it would be in your best interests to have a goodly stock of jewelry when the couple arrive, for Caesar to lavish upon his lover..

Victory will be achieved when all assigned tasks in preparation for the arrival of the famous couple are completed to the satisfaction of Caesar and of the Gods, and all ratings and population requirements are met.

You can play this game in any difficulty you like, but in normal difficulty it would rate 7/10 in difficulty. A completion time under 6 years is very good, under 5 years makes you an expert player.

To install the mission, simply unzip all files to your C4 scenarios folder (the location can vary depending on the OS you are running).

There is also a French and German language xml for this mission. If wanting to use the French version, unzip the file CIMfr.xml to your C4 scenarios folder, and rename it CIM.xml (after deleting or renaming the existing file of that name, if it is present). Likewise for the German language verion unzip CIMde.xml and rename it CIM.xml.

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File Author
Just to add, there are a number of ways of losing this scenario:

Debt over 2,000dn.
Taking too long to complete any of the assigned tasks.
Failure to have a working circus within a reasonable time after Caesar has ordered it built.

It is necessary to complete each task (or quest) for the game to move on, not unlike how the C4 tutorials work.
nobodyelse Tenx for this map, i tried it and i failed when i had around 5,5k population. I didnt know why ceasar arested me, guess i didnt saw 1 task and i failed it...

When can you build arenas or. plazas?
File Author
There is a task that enables arenas. It comes shortly after the 3rd exotic trade route is achieved. If you miss this quest defeat comes at about 7 years and 3 months after the start.

Plazas should be available throughout.
Philou51 I do not understand the requests cesar, I was ousted after the third year, I was largely on time, since time was 9 years to meet the requests, it must respond more quickly, or is there another way to get there help.
Erik C Could somebody please give me some hints how I can avoid being fired? What is important? I tried to get all the gods enabled as soon as possible but that does not work. Ceasar tells me to make more progress, what does he mean by that? I like the scenario but getting fired all the time is no fun.
Tiberius_KG I have already played and enjoyed the "Asteroid Annie" scenario by the same author, and this one was next on my schedule. As the author's difficulty rating for both suggests, this is the easier one.

After completing it in 7 years and 6 months and learning about what is to be expected, I felt compelled to give it one more go, in an attempt to come closer to the author's 6-years-mark. Even with the knowledge gained from the first run, I did not succeed to beat that mark, but I did come closer: 6 years 4 months. While I think that I can beat that mark in another run, the 5-years-mark seems out of range for me.

Yet it is a great and challenging scenario, definitely worth trying!

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