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Syracuse Walkthrough

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Scenario: Republic 1: Syracusae
Game version: v1.2 (any language)
Difficulty: Hard
Culture: 22
Security: 50
Prosperity: 25
Favor: 40
Population: 1060
Syracuse has mainly low goals which can easily be completed in a short amount of time.
Looking at the map, you can see that there are two areas of arable land-one to the north, and the other to the south-west. The one in the north will be more than enough for all the fields I will need.

From the empire level, you can see that exporting clothes can be profitable, about 3300 denarii if you open trade routes with Apulia and Sardinia. So, to evolve the insulae to large insulae, I decided to use pottery and olive oil, while keeping clothing only for exports.

After pausing the game, I placed 6 insulae and three domus, along with a shrine to Jupiter, a clinic, and markets for food and basic goods. The basic goods market I closed to plebs, as I needed the goods for the equites to keep them happy. Near the farmland, I placed 3 grain farms(too much, but I didn’t want to keep having to stockpile it when Caesar makes a demand), 2 vegetable farms, 2 olive farms, 2 sheep farms, and 2 fields for each farm. For industries, I place 2 clothing factories and olive oil factory. For trade, I started with Apulia-unlike Sardinia, which sells exotic goods, Apulia can give me pottery, which I’ll use later on. The route to Sardinia I will open later. I didn’t place the port just yet, as I decided to wait till I had some clothing stored.

Then, I unpaused the game.
By July, all the plebs and equites had some grain and vegetables, and the equites had some olive oil as well. I was producing too many olives, so I placed another olive oil factory to increase production and take up the extra olives which were taking up the space in the warehouse.

In August, Caesar demanded 10 grain. I already had 23 grain stored, thanks to the 6 fields, so I shipped it away immediately. There were heavy rains throughout September and October, but nothing else of importance happened for the rest of the year.

240 BC
In January, I had 5600 denarii, and the first set of clothing had just been produced. I placed a port to Apulia north of the housing district. I had quite a bit of olive oil, so I allowed the plebs to take them, and by February, they evolved to medium insulae. In March, Caesar demanded 10 grain. I had 27 stored, so I shipped it.
Now I decided to start making luxury goods. I placed 2 wine farms with 2 vineyards each, a wine factory, and, to increase outputs, 1 olive oil factory and clothing factory each. I also placed a luxury market to sell the wine. Then I started buying pottery from the Apulia trade port, setting the slider to 12.
In September, Caesar again demanded grain-this time, 25. I had enough, so I shipped it immediately. By, now, the insulae were evolving to the maximum level. I sent a small gift to Caesar from my savings, raising my favour to 40. The population rating was already done, and so was security. Now all that was left was culture and prosperity, which would be dealt with as soon as the domus evolve. I opened the trade route to Sardinia to sell the excess cloth which I was making, as Apulia wouldn’t take any more. There was a bit of pleb unemployment, so I placed another wine factory and a port to Sardinia. I was losing money from importing pottery, so the port to Sardinia would help.
By December, there was enough wine to give to the equites. I placed an odium and a library, along with a third domus for the new culture buildings. Then, the domus evolved, the new equites came in, and I won!

August 241 BC-Demand for 10 grain
March 240 BC-Demand for 10 grain
September 240 BC-Demand for 25 grain

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