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Allin Salih

Author File Description
File Details
Game version: v1.2 (any language)
Region: Desert
Map size: 64x64
Population goal: 1000
Culture goal: 40
Security goal: 100
Prosperity goal: 50
Favor goal: 75
The eastern borders of the Empire have ever been troublesome, and the deserts of Arabia proves no exception. Conflicts with Parthia in the east have taken a steady toll on the empire, with lawless brigands and bandits taking the opportunity to plunder the spice and silk roads. The Nabataean King has done little to solve the situation. With a little pressure from Caesar, he has graciously agreed to allow Rome to set up a military and trading outpost on his land to secure the trade routs. You have been sent to Allin Selin to solidify the military situation, build a modest yet respectable city, and re-establish trade which has atrophied from war. Caesar sees this as an opportunity to impress the Nabataean King and convince him of the benefits of Roman rule before more forceable measures must be taken. It would be a shame to disappoint.
Briggands and thieves are heavy in this area. Look forward to raiders harassing your city, and with such wide open terrain there are many different places to defend. What little arable land there is in the area is ill suited to farming but, will provide for livestock. Caesar has agreed to send grain from Rome but it will not be without cost. Caesar will expect to see goods and profits flow from both the south and the east.

This is my first scenario. let me know if you think its too hard or too easy
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Rating: 5

I DID IT!! I DID IT!!! and it was on hard difficulty.

Okey, this was BY FAR the hardest scenario I ever played on caesar4. Im quite stubborn sometimes, so when i failed 4 or 5 times, it became a personal matter :)

It took me all the knowledge of this game and a really hard and constant micromanagement of all the aspects: from the workforce, and the decision whether or not to fulfill the request of caesar.

Tbh, to achieve the results i kinda exploited all the knowledge i had from the previous failed games, such as the spawning points of the raiders or the request of different goods coming at different timing.

At the end:
- 29 years / 10 months
- Culture 89
- Security 100 (which was the biggest problem i had -- i will explain later on)
- Prosperity 86
- Favor 95
- Pop 4.580

I will upload the city in the city selection, in case u guys wanna take a look. I will also describe down here my personal walkthrough and how i completed it



PART1 - Planning the industries and the urban center

It took me a few tries before figuring out how to build a town economically sustainable. U have very little material to work with: just some space for few cows/sheep fields, few trees, 1 sand, 1 clay.

First thing i realized: export wasnt enough, especially if paired with the continuous requests from Caesar, which kept coming over and over for exotic and really expensive goods.

So i had to make a choice and I decided to fulfill just the demands, ignoring the request (except for pottery, which i was able to produce on my own at no cost).
Another thing i realized (donno whether it was intentional or not), u aint getting the same demand twice during the same period of time, so feel free to take all the time u need. Therefore, the later u send goods, the later the next demands come and the later u have to import more expensive stuff.

Once this is crystal clear, we are ready to answer the most important question: how do i get money if i cant export much, but still i have to import A LOT of stuff (ex. iron)? The answer is TAX: i raised them and lowered the wage (the other choice was to outsource the job to an indian or a chinese guys, but the game didnt allow me to do that...).

I made sure i had enough plebs to cover all the available jobs and produce all the exportable goods (didnt let them evolve until that was completed). At the same time i exploited the benefit from Jupiter (Caesar less angry at me for the delays) and Mercury (very, very important for trades).

At this point I added quite a lot of patrician villas (i think i had 14/16) and raised tax on goods and propertis at 8%, trying to make them evolve as high as possibile for more revenue, but without importing exotic goods (still too expensive). Even if i knew that ppl werent going to be happy and live long in my city, at least I had enough constant income.

PART2 - Invasion and debts

There was no way i could have had an army ready by the time the first raiders were coming, and there was no way i had enough to bribe them (plus, im against corruption -- Kids, stay in school and follow the law!!!). 7+13 = 20k to spend, just to stop the first wave of invasion was WAY too much. Besides, by that time, i barely had a positive bank account.

So, exploting the spawning point of enemies, i builted walls and static defends. That was really expansive and i dropped to around -15k deficit, but at least was enough to stop every possibile invasion from now on.

The missing money caused me quite a lot of trouble with Caesar. I was eventually gaining money and re-paying the debt, but not fast enough for him. All the demands i fullfilled (very expensive, btw) didnt raise the favor, except for the request of pottery (which i made sure i had planty to send IMMEDIATELY).

When i finally stabilized the bank account and repaid the debt, the favor was 15 and Caesar told me was sending me legions. I immediately sent him gifts. The favor raised to 30, he retired his troops and I was able to continue.

PART 3 - Evolving the city

At this point i felt i kinda "won" the scenario: the hardest part was behind. I had (little) positive annual revenue, was ready against any threats and my favor could just raise, since i didnt have any more debts.

With time and patience, i slowly completed the city: built walls and local services, imported more foods and goods, i also created more luxury factories to upgrade equites and patricians. I had all kinds: forniture, wine and utensils. I covered the city with all the altars of gods to gain more generous and various bonuses.

To simplify the quantity of entertainment required, i created a colosseum with both gladiators and animals and a theater.

I started importing exotic goods and selling them at the same time. The little leftovers were brought to the exotic market that allowed more patrician to evolve. With better houses, I had more income and was able to start importing all the exotic goods to sell at the market (except for Silk and Incense, demanded from Rome).

Fullfilling all the demands from Caesar + the immediate pottery supplying raised the favor years by years.

PART 4 - Military consumed all the food!

When the 3rd part was over, all the stats were high enough to win, except for security. I thought it was a matter of minute before winning the game... but i was sooooooo wrong! It drove me crazy that I almost gave up.. had to play for more than 1 day just to achive the last one.

The thing was: all the food (produced + imported) was barely enough to make the citizien happy and convincing them not to make any crime (even with all Jupiters bonus/benevolences). But still, I had towers to defend the invasion, which were damaged everytime, making the security dropping over and over everytime.

So i decided to make an army. Based on the kind of invasion, i calculated i needed around 6-7 cohorts of heavy infantry (because i had to split them since there were 2 enemy spawing points), to make sure i could fight without loosing security. But as soon as i had a few completed, citizied started to revolting because they didnt have enough food (that was consumed by the army). I was stuck. There was no way i was able to support an army (even a little one). So... what now?

PART 6 - Expect the unxpected and dont get (too much) frustrated

At this point money wasnt a problem anymore, luckily I had about 12-15k to spend... I said LUCKILY because a f****ing earthquake demolished a huge part of all my city......... Funny joke, huh? Anyway... i stopped the game built as many engeneering as possible, to save whatever was possible (not much, but enough not crush my entire economy or population).

PART 7 - Raising the security to 100

I had about 7-8k positive revenue per year from taxes. So I destroyed all my cohorts and closed all the army buildings. I demolished all the static defense that kept me safe (towers + prefects) and built just gates (which - as u know - unless they get destoyed, dont drop security rating). I built TONS of them. But litterally TONS!!! (If u donwload the map, u can see it urself)

The thing was that I didnt have enough plebs to secure the gates and running all the services at the same time, so i kept switching them during invasions.

Citizien were angry because of the overall lack of food. So, to start rasing securty i increased the number of prefect in the city center, i raised the salary of plebs and equites A LOT, i dropped the tax on sales and properties to 4%. But at that point i couldnt make enough money to sustain. So i raised back the properties of patrician at 8% (small manions give u a lot of money and i felt like Robin Hood!!)

But still not enough food. So i had to lower the population. I got rid of about 500 plebs, closed all the unnecesary buildings and left open just the few impossibile to avoid. I was short of about 50 plebs (for the citi services), without counting all the defending gates at all. But with a diligent managmenet of the work force and a constant switching of services and defend i was actually able to make it work.

All the citizied were happy, fed just enough not to complain and/or commit crimes, invasions were stopped immediatly at the spawning points and security started rasing.

And finally I was able to win the scenario. SUCH A FANTASTIC FEELING!!!
It was a really challenging one but i a appreciated.

Good luck with it, if u wanna give a try.

In the next days, ill upload the city.


ps. Only thing that doesnt make sense to me, it's that in the winning screen in appeared a text in red "YOU CHEATED". Never seen it before in years of C4. Unless it consider re-loading the game couple of times a way of cheating, it might be a bug.

[Edited on 07/05/19 @ 12:31 PM]

Rating: 1
(Insert Rating analysis here)
Impossible to complete without cheating.

Additional Comments:
You cannot get enough resources, fill Caesar request and stay in profit as well as fight off the waves of invading forces in the short time given.
I did read above that someone completed it but "building defences at spawning points on the map" is cheating in my book.


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