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Scenario: Republic 1: Syracusae
Game version: US v1.01
Difficulty: Normal
Culture: 32
Security: 50
Prosperity: 25
Favor: 44
Population: 1350
Syracusae overview

First, pause and orient to map north. I see fertile land and hills to the west, and fertile land in the north near the immigration point. This latter looks like a good spot for farms, and the houses can be placed south of the farmland and east of the large rock.

I place seven insulae on the existing road the south of the farmland. Then I create a crossroad, with the insulae on the western arm of the crossroads, and on the southern arm, I place 6 domi. I mothball the domi for time being (the plebs will be OK for a month or two without water, so we won’t need any equites yet). I leave room for a fountain and a bathhouse between the insulae and the domi.

Next, I build a road along the edge of the farmland and place three grain farms (with two fields for each farm), and add a prefect and an engineer near the farms. I call up the labor advisor and set the priority to ‘highest’ for the prefects & engineers and water. Then un-pause the game and wait for plebs to arrive.

As more plebs move in, I place a sheep farm and then an olive farm. Now it is time for water.

Pause. I un-mothball two domi (this should supply enough employees for water and a clinic). Now I build the bathhouse and fountain but mothball the bathhouse (we can get by with just a clinic). Then I build a pump house and reservoir to the west of large rock where they will be out of the way, checking the water overlay to make sure it reaches the fountain and bathhouse. Then I build a clinic near the central crossroads.

Next, I connect the crossroads with the farm road, and extend the roads west to allow for market and industrial areas. I place food, basic goods and luxury markets along the north side of the main road; the southern side is for entertainment. The markets will remain mothballed until I have goods to sell.

Now, I un-pause the game and watch the equites move in.

Plebs are still arriving, so I build two olive oil factories in the industrial section and a granary near the wheat farms. Then I add another sheep farm. I place a road from the industrial area down to the water, open trade with Latium and place the trading port. I tell the trading port to start selling wool, even though it is not yet available. As more plebs arrive I place two vegetable farms, and the first clothing factory.

Syracusae April 241

When grain is harvested, I turn on the food and basic goods markets, and place a tax office near the markets; I un-mothball another domus and the bathhouse, and then place a shrine to Jupiter near the central crossroads.

The first demand for wheat comes in August. I set grain to stockpile until I have enough to meet the demand.

At this point, I un-mothball the last two domi and place a theatre across the road from the markets, and an actor guild. I check the overlay to make sure all the equite houses get coverage (entertainment will stop them becoming unhappy).

The insulae will soon be upgrading; as they do so I place another clothing factory in the industrial zone, and another engineer and prefect. Next is a grape farm, a third sheep farm, a third clothing factory and a wine making factory. I un-mothball the luxury market, and open trade with Apulia and start selling clothing.

In March of the second year, Caesar demands more grain. No worries. Plenty in the granary.

As pleb unemployment rises, I build a fourth sheep farm, two more clothing factories, another granary, another warehouse (to hold the clothing). I check the fire and damage overlays and decide to add another prefect and engineer.

The equite housing starts to upgrade as wine becomes available. I add a library and a few more shrines to soak up the unemployment. With all houses upgraded, prosperity rises to 25.

There is another demand for grain; I fill it without trouble. Now I sit back and admire my work. After fulfilling the grain request of March 239 I have won the scenario.

Syracusae March 239


241 08 Demand for 10 grain
240 03 Demand for 15 grain
240 09 Demand for 25 grain
239 03 Request for 30 grain
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