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Scenario: Republic 4: Corinth
Game version: US v1.01
Difficulty: Normal
Culture: 56
Security: 50
Prosperity: 45
Favor: 49
Population: 2130
Corinth Overview

Pause. There are two areas of farmland in the west. I can build all farms except olives, all resources except iron. Review the trading possibilities. Check the rating requirements.

The plan:

The culture and prosperity requirements don’t look difficult. The housing block I used for Caralis will supply that easily. Having played this scenario once already, I know I can ignore the military threat. (I played for five years without any sign of invaders.) The challenge in this scenario is juggling the employment in different industries so that I can meet all Caesar’s demands and requests.

I have spot of bother placing my housing block; there are rocks, cliffs and shoreline making placement difficult. The result is not very attractive.

Corinth housing block

I’ll place the grain, vegetables, cattle and wool on the northern farmland. A quick test shows I can just squeeze them in. I’ll grow grapes on the southern farmland. I plan to centralise all my industries between the housing and the northern farmland. The marble camps and trading port to Latium will be over on the eastern side of the map. I’ll use the westernmost gold resource and place a warehouse there that can also hold grapes. The distance from the wine and jewellery industries shouldn’t affect the efficiency.

My first industry will be glassware because I know Caesar is going to demand 100 glassware in two years time, and we can sell it to Sardinia. Then I’ll work on setting up wine, jewellery and marble. It’s important to get the gold mining camp working early because Caesar will demand 25 jewellery next year. Clothing and pottery will follow.

133 BC:

I place nine insulae, two domus, markets, clinic, shrine to Jupiter, tax office, fountain, pump house, reservoir, prefect and engineer, two grain and two vegetable farms. The markets and tax office are mothballed until we need them. I decide not to place an odeum because I don’t need it for the culture rating, and a temple to Jupiter fits nicely in that spot.

After setting the labour priorities, I un-pause the game.

Slowly I build a sand collecting camp, two glassware factories, and a second prefect and engineer near the sand collecting camp. I place a sheep farm, grape farm and a gold mining camp. I place a warehouse across the road from sand collecting camp to store sand and clay, and another warehouse near the gold mining camp to store gold and grapes. Because this cluster of buildings is so far from my main centre, I add another prefect and engineer next to the gold mine.

By the end of June, I have a second grape farm, a marble quarry and a trading port for Latium (mothballed until the marble accumulates). With the first harvest, I turn on the food market and tax office, and place a third domus. I place a theatre just to keep the equites employed.

In September I un-mothball the basic goods market and the trading port to Latium. I start selling marble. I am a few plebs short so I turn off the gold mining camp. There is enough gold in the warehouse to keep the jewellery factories working.

By December, I have a fourth domus, an actor guild for my theatre, two wine factories, two jewellery factories, a second sand collecting camp, a granary and a trading post for Macedonia. I use the storage/trade advisor to make sure I always leave two units of wine in the city.

At this point, I realise that I have forgotten to build any clothing factories. I place two clothing factories, but I am short of plebs so I turn off one of the sand mining camps and both grape farms. (I should have turned off the grapes earlier; the farms are full.)

132 BC:

In March Caesar demands 25 jewellery. I turn on the mothballed gold mining camp. By June, I’ve built a second gold mining camp, a third jewellery factory and a warehouse to hold jewellery and wine.

Then I turn on the luxury market (but only for wine, not jewellery); build a school, a bathhouse, another marble quarry, a warehouse to hold glassware and clothing, another wine factory and another grain farm and another vegetable farm.

By September, I am ready to ship the jewellery, which is just as well because I discover I have run out of grapes. I turn off two jewellery factories and one gold mine, and turn on the grape farms. I have enough plebs to start on pottery. I build a clay digging camp and one pottery factory.

If I want to sell jewellery and glassware, I’ll need more workers so I add another insula. This allows me to build another pottery factory and turn on a second jewellery factory. I open trade with Asia to sell jewellery. I have a few unemployed equites so I build a temple to Jupiter (just because I can) and delete the shrine.

By December, I’ve placed a forum, a cattle farm and turned on my second sand collecting camp. My denarii are getting low. Where is that trader from Asia?

131 BC:

In February, Caesar requests 20 wine. Crisis. The trader from Asia still hasn’t turned up. With the game is running, I mothball and then un-mothball the trading post. That seems to fix that problem.

I review my warehouses. I seem to be overflowing with clothing and glassware. I mothball one of the clothing factories, build another glassware factory and open trade with Sardinia to sell glassware. Now I am selling glassware and jewellery I should be able to meet the wine request, so I stockpile wine. I build another insula to handle the labour shortage.

By June, I have added another warehouse to hold glassware and pottery, and built a fourth wine factory. I have just over 3,000 denarii. It’s time for some patrician housing.

I ship the wine to Caesar and my favour goes to 40. I start importing incense (set to a maximum of 1 on the trade advisor screen); I build two small villas, an exotic market and two more domus.

In September, I build an arena and gladiator guild and discover that I have forgotten to manufacture weapons. I turn off two jewellers and one grape farm. I build a timber getting camp, a weapon factory and I start importing iron (maximum 4).

Caesar demands 100 glassware. I stockpile glassware. One of my sand collecting camps is on fire so I add another prefect and engineer near the grain farms. I have to mothball a wine factory to supply the labour for this.

In December, I notice that the cattle farm is full of meat and there is none in the market. I have enough timber now, so I turn off the timber and place a granary between the cattle farm and the food market. I set it to get only meat. I notice that I have unemployed equites too, so I build a shrine to Mercury and another to Ceres. I place the shrine to Mercury in the market square where it will give perfect coverage. This should help my distribution problems because now I will have the ‘dedication’ of Mercury, which allows cart pushers to carry an extra item.

My arena is finally functioning. I start importing perfume (2).

130 BC:

In January, I notice that my luxury market does not seem to have any jewellery. I visit the trade advisor and set exports to over four, for both jewellery and wine. I add two more small villas.

In February, Caesar requests 40 marble. I stockpile marble and build a warehouse to hold it. I am still stockpiling glassware; I have 62 glassware stored. My ratings are 55/50/33/39/2130.

I still need prosperity and favour points.

By June, my prosperity is 43; I now have 87 glassware and enough marble to ship to Caesar. I ship the marble and am surprised to find that, after lurching from one crisis to another, I have won the scenario. What a waste of glassware.

Corinth July 130

Events and Requests:

132 03 Demand for 25 jewellery
131 02 Request for 20 wine
131 09 Demand for 100 glassware
130 02 Request for 40 marble
130 08 Request for 50 glassware
129 01 Demand for 25 jewellery

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