Miscellaneous Settings

This page explains the remaining settings: disabling buildings, gifts to Caesar, and setting up trade prices.

Disabling Buildings

The way to disable buildings is fairly simple: the side panel is divided into two boxes, one green box listing the enabled buildings, and one red box listing the disabled buildings. There are four buttons to manipulate the lists:

  • -: disables all buildings, moves all items from the green box into the red box
  • ++: enables all buildings, moves all items from the red box into the green box
  • -: disables a single building: select one item in the green box and click the “-” button to move it to the red box
  • +: enables a single building: does the opposite of the “-” button: select one item in the red box and click the “+” button to enable it.

Gifts to Caesar

Gifts menu

The menu for setting gifts to Caesar

In this sub-section, you can define the small, medium, and large gifts the player can give to Caesar. The gifts you choose are for aesthetic purpose only: the favor gained by the player does not depend on the value chosen here, but only on the size of the gift (small, medium, large).

If you leave the value for medium and/or large favor empty, the player will not be able to give medium and/or large gifts to Caesar. The small gift cannot be disabled: if you set it to empty, the game will use the scrimshaw by default.

If you disable medium and large gifts, and set the small gift to something other than a scrimshaw, when the player opens the scenario it will appear that two small gifts are available for sending. However, the player will still only gain favor from the first three small gifts sent.

Custom trade prices

Custom trade prices menu

The menu for setting custom trade prices

The bottom-most tab of the editor lets you set up custom trade prices: while the game provides sensible defaults for the cost of importing and exporting goods, you might want to change them to suit your scenario story.

To set a custom trade price, first select the good from the dropdown box. In the next two input boxes, enter the cost of importing and exporting the good, respectively. Finally click on the “Add” button to save the price.

To delete a custom price, select it in the list and click the “Delete” button. To change a price, select it, change the import and/or export price and then click the "Add" button.

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