Roads and arable land

Roads menu

Editor menu for building roads

The fourth tab from the top, with the “R” on it, is used to pre-place roads on the map. When you open the tab, it looks like the image on the right. Placing roads is quite easy: you select one of the six road styles, and then place a stretch of road on the map, just like you do in the game.

The six road styles are mainly self-explanatory: two types of road and four types of plaza. The “Road 1” road is the same as the player can place in the game. “Road 2”, on the other hand, is a different road style. This type of road cannot be placed in the game by the player.

The actual look of “Road 1” in the game is defined by the region you chose: desert roads look different from Northern European ones.

Plaza 1, 2, and 3 are the same as those in the game. The fourth plaza type is unused and results in black/brown-ish plaza tiles. It’s not recommended to use it.

One frequently asked question is how you can remove roads after you have placed them. To remove roads, act like you want to place a road, but hold down the SHIFT key when you “place” it. This will remove the road instead of placing it.

Arable land

The third tab, Terrain, is used for placing arable land, the fertile ground on which the player can place farms. At the top of this tab, there are two buttons: “Set arable” and “Remove arable”. These do exactly as you might think: they allow you to add and remove arable land, respectively. This tool is fairly easy to work with: you can place arable land in rectangles. Just click the “Set arable” button, click on the map and drag the rectangle of arable land until you think it’s the proper size. Removing is also done in the same way.

So on one hand, placing arable land is easy. On the other hand, it’s quite time-consuming to create a more natural looking meadow.

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