Scripting: Game constants

This page lists the "constants" you can use for the enemy, cohort and invasion types. They are all defined in the Tools.cs file that's in the same folder as all scenarios.

Invasion types

Invasion type Program code
Raid - invaders leave if 10% of buildings are destroyed eInvasionType.kRaid
Pillagers - same as raid eInvasionType.kPillagers
Invasion - conquest eInvasionType.kInvasion

Enemy factions

Faction Program code
Carthaginian sInvasionFactions.kCarthaginian
Gaul sInvasionFactions.kGaul
Germanian sInvasionFactions.kGermanian
Greek sInvasionFactions.kGreek
Parthian sInvasionFactions.kParthian
Roman sInvasionFactions.kRoman

Cohort types

Cohort type Program code
Heavy infantry sCohortDbIDs.kCarth_Hvy
Light infantry sCohortDbIDs.kCarth_Lt
Cavalry sCohortDbIDs.kCarth_Cav
Missile auxilia sCohortDbIDs.kCarth_Aux
Catapult sCohortDbIDs.kCarth_Catapult
Heavy infantry sCohortDbIDs.kGaul_Hvy
Light infantry sCohortDbIDs.kGaul_Lt
Cavalry sCohortDbIDs.kGaul_Cav
Missile auxilia sCohortDbIDs.kGaul_Aux
Catapult sCohortDbIDs.kGaul_Catapult
Heavy infantry sCohortDbIDs.kGerm_Hvy
Light infantry sCohortDbIDs.kGerm_Lt
Cavalry sCohortDbIDs.kGerm_Cav
Missile auxilia sCohortDbIDs.kGerm_Aux
Catapult sCohortDbIDs.kGerm_Catapult
Battering ram sCohortDbIDs.kGerm_Ram
Heavy infantry sCohortDbIDs.kGreek_Hvy
Light infantry sCohortDbIDs.kGreek_Lt
Cavalry sCohortDbIDs.kGreek_Cav
Missile auxilia sCohortDbIDs.kGreek_Aux
Catapult sCohortDbIDs.kGreek_Catapult
Heavy infantry sCohortDbIDs.kParth_Hvy
Light infantry sCohortDbIDs.kParth_Lt
Cavalry sCohortDbIDs.kParth_Cav
Missile auxilia sCohortDbIDs.kParth_Aux
Catapult sCohortDbIDs.kParth_Catapult
Roman (Caesar's forces)
Heavy infantry "ENEMY_ROMAN" (including quotes!)
Catapult "ENEMY_ROMAN_CATAPULT" (including quotes!)

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