Part 10: Building IDs

The following tables provide a list of string identifiers that can be input to the IDMaker.FromString method. This will then give you the Int32 identifier for that building, which you can then use with methods such as GetTotalBuildings or TriggerFireDamage.


Building String code
Grain farm "C4b harvester Grain farmer's house"
Vegetable farm "C4b harvester Vegetable farmer's house"
Cattle farm "C4b harvester Livestock farmer's house"
Sheep farm "C4b harvester Wool farmer's house"
Olive farm "C4b harvester Olives farmer's house"
Grape farm "C4b harvester Grape farmer's house"
Grain field "c4r Grain Field"
Vegetable field "c4r Vegetable Field"
Cattle pasture "c4r Livestock pasture"
Sheep pasture "c4r sheep pasture"
Olive grove "c4r Olive Grove"
Grape vineyard "c4r Grape Vinyard"

Raw Material Camps

Building String code
Sand collecting camp "C4b harvester Sand collector's house"
Clay collecting camp "C4b harvester Clay collector's house"
Timber cutting camp "C4b harvester Timber miller's house"
Iron mining camp "C4b harvester Iron miner's house"
Gold mining camp "C4b harvester Gold miner's house"
Marble Quarry camp "C4b harvester Marble collector's camp"


Building String code
Pottery factory "C4b factory Pottery"
Glass factory "C4b factory Glass"
Clothing factory "C4b factory Clothing"
Olive oil factory "C4b factory Olive Oil"
Furniture factory "C4b factory Furniture"
Wine factory "C4b factory Wine"
Utensils factory "C4b factory Utensils"
Jewelry factory "C4b factory Jewelry"
Weapons factory "C4b factory Weapons"
Armor factory "C4b factory Armor"


Building String code
Small insula "C4b Plebian home 01"
Medium insula "C4b Plebian home 02"
Large insula "C4b Plebian home 03"
Small domus "C4b Equites Housing 01"
Medium domus "C4b Equites Housing 02"
Large domus "C4b Equites Housing 03"
Small villa "C4b Patrician home 01"
Medium villa "C4b Patrician home 02"
Large villa "C4b Patrician home 03"
Small estate "C4b Patrician home 04"
Medium estate "C4b Patrician home 05"
Large estate "C4b Patrician home 06"
Small mansion "C4b Patrician home 07"
Medium mansion "C4b Patrician home 08"
Grand mansion "C4b Patrician home 09"

Storage and markets

Building String code
Food market "C4b Market Food"
Basic goods market "C4b Market Common"
Luxury market "C4b Market Luxury"
Exotic market "C4b Market Exotic"
Granary "C4b infra Granary"
Warehouse "C4b infra Warehouse"
Trade depot "C4b Depot"
Trade port "C4b Depot with Dock"

Health and Education

Building String code
Barber shop "C4b service Barber shop"
Bathhouse "C4b service Bathhouse"
Clinic "C4b service Clinic"
Hospital "C4b service Hospital"
School "C4b service School"
Library "C4b service Library"


Building String code
Jupiter shrine "C4b Service Shrine Jupiter"
Bacchus shrine "C4b Service Shrine Bacchus"
Ceres shrine "C4b Service Shrine Ceres"
Mars shrine "C4b Service Shrine Mars"
Mercury shrine "C4b Service Shrine Mercury"
Jupiter temple "C4b Service Temple Jupiter"
Bacchus temple "C4b Service Temple Bacchus"
Ceres temple "C4b Service Temple Ceres"
Mars temple "C4b Service Temple Mars"
Mercury temple "C4b Service Temple Mercury"


Building String code
Odeum "C4b service Odeum"
Theater "C4b service Theater"
Arena "C4b service Arena"
Coliseum "C4b service Coliseum"
Circus "C4b service Circus"
Actor guild "C4b Training Actor"
Gladiator guild "C4b Training Gladiator"
Trainer guild "C4b Training Animal"
Charioteer guild "C4b Training Charioteer"

Government and Water

Building String code
Pumphouse "C4b Infra Pumphouse"
Reservoir "C4b service Reservoir"
Well "C4b infra Well"
Fountain "C4b infra Fountain"
Low bridge "C4b infra bridge"
Ship bridge "C4b infra bridge boat"
Prefect office "C4b Office Praefect"
Engineering office "C4b Office Engineer"
Tax collector's office "C4b Office Tax Collector"
Forum "C4b service Forum"
Baslica "C4b service Basilica"
Governor's Villa "C4b Governor's Palace Small"
Governor's Estate "C4b Governor's Palace Medium"
Governor's Mansion "C4b Governor's Palace Large"

Decorative Items

Building String code
Garden "C4 Deco Garden"
Small Hedge "C4 Deco Hedge Small"
Large Hedge "C4 Deco Hedge Large"
Small Hedgerow "C4 Deco HedgeRow Small"
Large Hedgerow "C4 Deco HedgeRow Large"
Small Bush "C4 Deco Bush Small"
Large Bush "C4 Deco Bush Large"
Small Tree "C4 Deco Tree Small"
Medium Tree "C4 Deco Tree Medium"
Large Tree "C4 Deco Tree Large"
Bust "C4 Deco Statue 1"
Standing statue "C4 Deco Statue 2"
Huntsman statue "C4 Deco Statue 3"
Horseman statue "C4 Deco Statue 4"
Chariot statue "C4 Deco Statue 5"
Winged charioteer statue "C4 Deco Statue 6"
Obelisk "C4 Deco Statue Obelisk"


Building String code
Missile auxilia fort "C4b Mil Fort Auxilia"
Cavalry fort "C4b Mil Fort Auxilia Cavalry"
Light infantry fort "C4b Mil Fort Infantry Lt"
Heavy infantry fort "C4b Mil Fort Infantry Hvy"
Mess hall "C4b Mil Mess Hall"
Recruitment post "C4b Mil Armory"
Drill yard "C4b Mil Drill Yard"
Gatehouse "C4b infra Gate"
Tower "C4b service Tower"
Wall "C4b infra Wall"

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