Part 11: UI Control IDs

The following tables provide a list of string identifiers (where known) that can be used as input to the IDMaker.FromString method to obtain the Int32 for the UI control button. This identifier can then be used with methods such as LockUIControl or UnlockUIControl to disable or enable specific build buttons. String identifiers are (for the most part) only defined for those build buttons that are covered in the tutorials. However, it has been possible (by means of scripting) to obtain the Int32 identifier directly in other cases - these are given in the table below. Int32 values can be found for most, but not all build buttons.


Build button String code
Clear Land "CLEAR_LAND"
Roads "ROADS"
Pleb house "PLEB_HOME"
Equite house "EQUES_HOME"
Patrician house "PAT_HOME"
Raw materials "RAW_MAT"
Industry (factories) "INDUSTRY"
Storage / markets "STORAGE"
Health "HEALTH"
Religion "RELIGION"
Education "EDUCATION"
Entertainment "ENTERTAINMENT"
Water "WATER"
Government "GOVT"
Decorative items "DECO"
Military "SAFETY"
Play Slow "Play speed slow"
Play Fast "Play speed fast"


Building Int32 value
Grain farm 939069272
Vegetable farm 899170814
Cattle farm -456233970
Sheep farm 939069275
Olive farm 697536400
Grape farm -187939099
Grain field 1892088299
Vegetable field 1892088301
Cattle pasture 1853760927
Sheep pasture not defined
Olive grove 1892088303
Grape vineyard not defined

Raw Material Camps

Building String code or Int32 value
Sand collecting camp 326658125
Clay collecting camp 1389655975
Timber cutting camp "CAMP_TIMBER"
Iron mining camp 1389655977
Gold mining camp 939069274
Marble Quarry camp -896256229


Building String code
Pottery factory 939069278
Glass factory not defined
Clothing factory not defined
Olive oil factory 246675849
Furniture factory "C4b factory Furniture"
Wine factory 326658127
Utensils factory 246675851
Jewelry factory not defined
Weapons factory 326658124
Armor factory not defined

Storage and markets

Note that the trade depot and port build buttons work differently: up to 5 build buttons are available for these, if 5 or more trade routes are open (but the player has not yet placed the trade depots or ports). "Depot0" refers to the first of these that are listed, through to "Depot4" as the fifth. Trade depots and ports are listed in the order that the routes appear in the XML file (so site #0 will always occupy the "Depot0" or "DepotDock0" slot). If "Depot0" is locked you can still place the first listed route if it is a trade port and "DepotDock0" has not been locked.

Building String code or Int32 value
Food market 1959198740
Basic goods market "MARKET_COMMON"
Luxury market "MARKET_LUXURY"
Exotic market "MARKET_EXOTIC"
Granary 1389655978
Warehouse "WAREHOUSE"
Trade depot "Depot0" to "Depot4"
Trade port "DepotDock0" to "DepotDock4"

Health and Education

Build button String code or Int32 value
Barber shop -1282219398
Bathhouse -1282219397
Clinic "CLINIC"
Hospital -1282219393
School -1298997109
Library -1298997110


Build button Int32 value
Jupiter shrine -1298997106
Bacchus shrine 1546735459
Ceres shrine not defined
Mars shrine -1298997107
Mercury shrine -1867275822
Jupiter temple 1121480186
Bacchus temple not defined
Ceres temple not defined
Mars temple not defined
Mercury temple not defined


Build button Int32 value
Odeum 1740942627
Theater -137606214
Arena 1724165050
Coliseum 1691448420
Circus -2046596977
Actor guild 1806783073
Gladiator guild 1806783075
Trainer guild not defined
Charioteer guild not defined

Government and Water

Build button String code or Int32 value
Pumphouse "PUMPHOUSE"
Reservoir "RESERVOIR"
Aqueduct "AQUEDUCT"
Well 326658123
Fountain "FOUNTAIN"
Low bridge "BRIDGE_LOW"
Ship bridge "BRIDGE_SHIP"
Prefect office 276325365
Engineering office 276325366
Tax collector's office 276325360
Forum 293102951
Basilica 276325373
Governor's Villa 276325367
Governor's Estate not defined
Governor's Mansion not defined

Decorative Items

Build button String code or Int32 value
Plaza 1 "PLAZA1"
Plaza 2 "PLAZA2"
Plaza 3 "PLAZA3"
Garden "GARDEN1
Small Hedge "DECO1"
Large Hedge "DECO7"
Small Hedgerow -1282219395
Large Hedgerow -1298997118
Small Bush "DECO2"
Large Bush "DECO4"
Small Tree "DECO6"
Medium Tree "DECO3"
Large Tree "DECO5"
Bust "STATUE1"
Standing statue "STATUE2"
Huntsman statue "STATUE3"
Horseman statue "STATUE4"
Chariot statue -1047491516
Winged charioteer statue -997158636
Obelisk "PRESALE1"


Build button String code or Int32 value
Missile auxilia fort "FORT_AUX"
Cavalry fort "FORT_CAV"
Light infantry fort "FORT_LT"
Heavy infantry fort "FORT_HVY"
Mess hall "MIL_MESS_HALL"
Recruitment post "MIL_ARMORY"
Drill yard "MIL_DRILL_YARD"
Gatehouse -879510213
Tower -879510212
Wall "WALL"

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