Part 9: Military requests

The standard way for setting up military requests is using the classes in Tools.cs as explained on the Scripting Military Requests page.

We include these two methods for completeness, as they do not seem to have any obvious use. Both are called within Tools.cs as part of the MilitaryRequest.AddMilitaryRequest method. They could be used to set up a military request - however, since they does not allow you to do anything that can’t be done via the MilitaryRequest class, there seems little to be gained from trying to use them. Attempts to call them from OnTick() to set up a triggered request has no effect: it appears that military requests can only be set up as part of the scenario initialisation in OnBeginScenario().

AddTroopRequestCohort(int inRequestID, ref string inCohortID, int inNumCohorts)

CreateTroopRequest(int inRequestID, int inStartWeek, int inRecursionWeeks, int inVariance, int inFirstWarning, int inSecondWarning, int inDeadline, int inReward, int inPenalty, int inTravelTime, int inWorldSiteIndex)

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