Victory Conditions

Form for setting goals

Menu for setting victory conditions

At the end, we come back to the first tab to set up the victory conditions for the scenario. While additional goals can be set by scripting, most scenarios set their victory conditions here.

The menu to set the victory conditions is shown on the right: the first dropdown, Effect, has three values, which you can set for each goal:

If a goal set to "defeat" is met, the player is greeted with the lose screen. When combined with scripting, this can be used to trigger defeat if the player makes a "wrong" move. If multiple goals are set to "defeat", only one of them has to be met to trigger the defeat screen.

Victory (OR)
If multiple goals are set with the OR effect, meeting only one of them will trigger the victory screen.

Victory (AND)
This is the effect you'll probably be using most of the time: all goals with the "AND" have to be met for the player to win the scenario. It's not quite practical to combine AND goals with OR goals.

Below the effect setting, set the Category for victory conditions:

Counts how many loads of a specific resource are stored in the player's warehouses, granaries and factories (for finished goods).
It is unknown what these two categories do.
Counts how many buildings of a certain type currently exist in the city.
These will most likely be the goals you'll set for your scenario: under this category fall the culture, prosperity, security, and favor ratings, and the city population. The first two goal options, "Dissatisfaction level" and "Security level", don't seem to have a function, so don't use them.

In the next two dropdown lists, the goal type and the condition will appear. You will want to set the latter one to ">=" (greater than or equal to) for most goals.

An example: to set a culture goal of 75, you would fill in these values:

  • Effect: Victory (AND)
  • Category: Attributes
  • Goal: Culture rating
  • Goal, second field: >=
  • Amount: 75

The name will usually be automatically filled in. Its only purpose is to help you figure out which is which in the list of goals at the bottom. The delay and duration settings don't appear to do anything so these can be left at their default settings.

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