FAQ: Campaigns and Ratings

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How do I increase my culture rating?

Your culture rating is based on how many people have access to entertainment, education, religion and healthcare.

Increasing your rating can be done in two ways:

  1. Increasing the number of people who have access to a certain service. For example: building more clinics so more people have clinic access
  2. Increasing the number of services the people have access to. Example: instead of giving them access to only 3 different shrines/temples, give them access to 4 gods and your rating will go up.
How do I increase my security rating?

Your security rating will rise to 50 with 4 points per month as long as you have no crime in your city. If you need to have a security rating higher than that, you need to build walls: if all of your important buildings have been protected by walls, your security rating will rise to 100.

Why did my security rating drop to 0?

Check the ratings advisor why your rating has hit rock bottom, most likely you have crime in your city. To solve this, you have to find out why your people turn into criminals: it's usually because they're unhappy about something. Also, if an invading enemy sets fire to your buildings or attempts to demolish them with catapults, that counts as a crime.

Your security rating will only start to rise again if no crimes occurred within 6 months after the last crime.

How do I increase my prosperity rating?

Two possible ways of increasing prosperity:

  1. Upgrading the homes you already have
  2. Adding new high-level (patrician) houses

For the full scoop, including how prosperity is calculated, check our prosperity article.

How do I increase my favor rating?

You can increase your favor rating by complying with Rome's demands and requests. Fulfilling demands prevents your favor rating from dropping, but only requests increase your favor rating when you fulfil them.

A second option to increase your favor is by sending gifts to Rome through the Imperial advisor. Be warned though: this can only be done a limited number of times (three times per gift type, to be precise) before they realise you're bribing them.

When I complete Brundisium, there's no "Next Mission" button?

That's right. Brundisium is the last scenario in the Kingdom campaign, so after you've completed it, you are ready to move on to the Republic campaign.

When I complete Carthago or Londinium, there's no "Next Mission" button either?

The last mission in the Republic campaign is either Carthago or Londinium, after which you can continue playing in the Empire campaign. After completing one of these scenarios, the Empire campaign should be unlocked. If it isn't, do so manually (see the next question).

The Empire campaign is not available, what do I do?

Normally, the Empire campaign is automatically unlocked when you finish either Londinium or Carthago (the last missions in the Republic campaign). If it doesn't, you can unlock it manually:

  1. Close the game if you haven't already
  2. Using Windows Explorer, browse to the folder where you installed Caesar IV. By default it's C:\Program Files\Sierra\Caesar IV\
  3. Open the file CaesarIV.ini in a text editor, such as Notepad or Wordpad
  4. Find the line that says Empire Campaign Allowed 0
  5. Change the last "0" into a "1"
  6. Save the file and start the game, the Empire campaign is now available for play