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I have a computer with Intel/SiS/Via UniChrome graphics, can the game run on my computer?

The Demo requires Pixel Shader 1.1 and T&L supported in hardware and the retail version will most likely have the same requirements. This means Genuine DirectX8.1 cards or newer.

Above means that it can not run on any Intel Graphics solutions except maybe the 965GM chipset (which has not arrived yet).

The game can also not run on any GeForce MX graphics cards or GeForce4 400/420/440/460 Go or any of the SiS graphics solutions or SiS/Via UniChrome onboard graphics. This makes it difficult if you have a laptop as only some laptops have dedicated graphics solutions that can be upgraded and those are mostly on the 915PM chipset. Another problem is that nVidia only officially supports notebook graphics from the GeForce 7800 Go or newer with drivers. If the graphics is older than a 7800 Go, one has to check the manufacturer of the laptop's website or take the chance at http://www.laptopvideo2go.com/.

For laptops with Ati chipsets it's a bit easier to update the driver as Ati supports a lot of their mobile graphics. The problem here is finding out if the graphics solution supports Pixel Shader 1.1 and T&L in hardware.

My game crashes when I try to open trade routes!

This is a known problem in earlier versions of the game. Updating the game to version 1.2 solves the problem for most people. You can get the patch here (make sure you download the right language version).

If you still experience crashes after applying the patch, a workaround is the following:

  1. Using Windows Explorer, browse to Caesar IV's Data folder. By default it's C:\Program Files\Sierra\Caesar IV\Data\
  2. Make sure you can write the NewConstants.txt file: right-click on the file and select Properties. Uncheck the Read-only checkbox and click OK.
  3. Open NewConstants.txt in any text editor
  4. Find the following line:
  5. Replace the "1" at the end of the line with a "0" (zero)
  6. Save the file

The next time you start the game, you should be able to open trade routes without crashing. One drawback of this fix: on the Victory screen, it will say "You Cheated!", and you won't be able to play online scenarios.