Amida Minimap

Open Play
Start date: February 47 AD
Map size: Large (512x512)
Region: Desert


The persistent Parthians have been beaten back yet again and Mesopotamia is once more blessed by Roman rule. It is your duty to build a bastion at Amida that will secure the region for all times. In order to keep the Parthians at bay, we must stop them at the very gates of the Empire.

The Tigris river valley is quite fertile and contains an abundance of valuable iron. The value of the region strategically, however, is incalculable. As the easternmost province of the Empire, Mesopotamia serves both as a bulwark against our Parthian enemies and as an important nexus for trade between the Empire and distant eastern lands.

Tribal raiders from the north will no doubt be a nuisance as they seek to plunder the benefits of civilization. The true threat, however, is the Parthian Empire to the east. The Parthians are subdued for the moment, but it is surely only a matter of time before they desire to threaten Rome's eastern borders once again.

Mission goals

Open play

Available Resources

  • Vegetables
  • Meat
  • Olives
  • Wool
  • Iron (3 mines)
  • Clay (5 pits)
  • Timber (161 trees)

List of trade cities.


None available yet