Caesarea Minimap

Empire Campaign - mission 4 (economic)
Start date: February 84 AD
Map size: Large (512x512)
Region: Desert


The annexation of Judea has provided an opportunity to expand trade contacts with the Far East. You must establish a city at Caesarea which can act as a focus for this trade, while developing local industry as well. Caesar has been considering building a winter palace in the area, and so a sophisticated, though not necessarily large, city is required of you.

Judea is harsh and inhospitable, and you will to some extent be reliant on trade routes to expand your city. Careful management of arable land, industry, and trade monies is critical. Caesar has shown interest in the province's glassware and may call on you for shipments of it.

Mission goals

  • Culture: 75
  • Security: 35
  • Prosperity: 60
  • Favor: 70
  • Population: 2,000

Available Resources

  • Grain
  • Vegetables
  • Timber (99 trees)
  • Sand (5 pits)
  • Marble (3 sites)

List of trade cities.