Capua Minimap

Kingdom Campaign - mission 3
Start date: February 579 BC
Map size: Very small (128x128)
Region: Southern Europe


Good day, Governor. The Patrician class represents the wealthiest and most prominent Roman families. They don't live in cramped apartments... no, no, Patricians live in fine Villas which you as Governor can and will tax to support your city. But Patricians lead extravagant lives and have an appetite for all the finer things Roman culture has to offer.

Patricians pay taxes based on the value of their property. Patricians will upgrade their homes based on their access to goods and services and the attractiveness of their neighborhood. All of these factors are under your direct control so the responsibility is yours to make your cities the kind of places that Patricians flock to.

To complete this assignment you will need to support a decent population and achieve or surpass a minimum Prosperity Rating. Let's get started.

Mission goals

  • Prosperity: 10
  • Population: 700

Available Resources

  • Grain
  • Clay (1 pit)
  • Timber (13 trees)