Corduba Minimap

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Start date: February 1 AD
Map size: Large (512x512)
Region: Southern Europe


Rome's hold over Nearer Hispania is nearly complete, but fierce campaigns continue in Further Hispania. Your mission is to establish a Roman colony at Corduba and from there provide support to legions further west. The locals are still quite hostile to Rome, however, so be prepared to defend your colony at all times.

Situated near a river, the lands near Corduba are quite fertile but very hilly. While those hills are rumored to have rich marble deposits, they are not known to have much in the way of other mineral wealth. The rough terrain will also make it tough to properly fortify your settlement, so a more active defense will be needed.

Settle in quickly and get your industries up to speed, for soon Rome will call upon you for assistance in the many ongoing military campaigns. Rome's enemies may come to resent your contributions to these wars and seek to strike at the valuable supply center you create. Be sure to be prepared for such a fight, as your city must not fall!

Mission goals

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Available Resources

  • Grain
  • Vegetables
  • Meat
  • Grapes
  • Wool
  • Clay (4 pits)
  • Timber (451 trees)
  • Sand (3 pits)
  • Marble (1 site)

List of trade cities.


None available yet