Corinth Minimap

Republic Campaign - mission 4 (economic)
Start date: February 133 BC
Map size: Medium (384x384)
Region: Southern Europe


The King of Pergamum in Asia is old and heirless. There are hints that he would prefer Roman rule for his people, rather than see his beloved and soon to be leaderless kingdom fall into anarchy and war.

Revive the city of Corinth in Achaea as an example of enlightened Roman rule. Demonstrate the prosperity and cultural benefits of Roman society to ensure that a treaty for Roman succession is achieved.

Asia's eastern neighbors are unlikely to look favorably on such a treaty. Balance your defense carefully with your cultural ambitions. Cohorts may be needed to defend your lands and those of Asia if these adversaries seek to disrupt the diplomatic efforts.

Mission goals

  • Culture: 40
  • Security: 20
  • Prosperity: 40
  • Favor: 45
  • Population: 1,500

Available Resources

  • Grain
  • Vegetables
  • Meat
  • Grapes
  • Wool
  • Gold (3 mines)
  • Clay (6 pits)
  • Timber (75 trees)
  • Sand (5 pits)
  • Marble (5 sites)

List of trade cities.