Hippo Regius

Hippo Regius Minimap

Republic Campaign - mission 6 (military)
Start date: February 72 BC
Map size: Medium (384x384)
Region: North Africa


The impudence and aggression of Carthage will no longer be tolerated. It is time to finish them once and for all. But even in times of war the benefits of the Republic can be made clear to those still outside of our influence. The King of Numidia has allied with Rome, peacefully bringing a new province into the Republic. Governor, you are to take advantage of this opportunity and build the city of Hippo Regius on the Numidian coast.

The defeat of Carthage is your primary goal. Raise your legions and defend Hippo Regius from any attack. Be prepared to assist Roman generals as they attack Carthage's final strongholds in Africa. Since you have shown yourself to be a Governor of some skill, Rome also expects Hippo Regius to be more than just a military base. A certain quality of culture and prosperity is needed to reassure our ally that tying Numidia to Rome was the correct choice.

Carthage's time in the Mediterranean is over. Rome merely needs to convince them of that. We expect you to be very persuasive.

Mission goals

  • Culture: 25
  • Security: 40
  • Prosperity: 25
  • Favor: 70
  • Population: 1,500

Available Resources

  • Grain
  • Vegetables
  • Meat
  • Olives
  • Wool
  • Sand (8 pits)

List of trade cities.