Thessalonica Minimap

Republic Campaign - mission 2 (military)
Start date: February 204 BC
Map size: Small (256x256)
Region: Southern Europe


Macedonia's upstart kings have been overthrown and will no longer threaten, harass, or otherwise annoy Rome. But, the common Greeks around the Aegean appear to need further convincing that Macedonia is part of the Republic now.

Establish a city and military presence to keep these unruly people in line. The rich hills of Thessalonica provide an ideal spot for building an army with which to bring Roman peace to the entire province.

The Greeks must be shown that Rome will not tolerate threats. Pacification efforts must be made, though these efforts may bring increased resistance from the natives. Decisively crush the troublemakers, to ensure that the security and enlightenment of the Republic remains established in the region for years to come.

Mission goals

  • Culture: 10
  • Security: 25
  • Prosperity: 15
  • Favor: 35
  • Population: 800

Available Resources

  • Grain
  • Vegetables
  • Meat
  • Olives
  • Wool
  • Iron (3 mines)
  • Timber (129 trees)
  • Sand (1 pit)

List of trade cities.