Ulpia Traiana

Ulpia Traiana Minimap

Empire Campaign - mission 3 (military)
Start date: February 58 AD
Map size: Large (512x512)
Region: Asia


Dacia has been unusually difficult to integrate into the Empire. A diverse and often hostile mix of barbarian tribes and nomads wander the province, making Romanization easier said than done. Governor, you are to build a fortified city at Ulpia Traiana and make Dacia a productive province of the Empire.

A large, secure, and cultured city will do much to convince the natives that they should become part of Caesar's great civilization. Of course, some natives will be impossible to persuade and will remain quite hostile. One can't expect rational behavior from barbarians. Attacks on the city could come from practically anywhere, as the stubborn natives harass your city and look for plunder.

Mission goals

  • Culture: 50
  • Security: 70
  • Prosperity: 30
  • Favor: 50
  • Population: 4,000

Available Resources

  • Grain
  • Vegetables
  • Meat
  • Wool
  • Iron (7 mines)
  • Gold (2 mines)
  • Timber (210 trees)

List of trade cities.