Virunum Minimap

Empire Campaign - mission 2 (military)
Start date: February 23 AD
Map size: Large (512x512)
Region: Northern Europe


The Germanic tribes of Noricum are not yet convinced of the benefits of the Empire, and yet the Empire is convinced of the benefits of ruling Noricum. A secure, prosperous Roman city at Virunum will both inarguably establish the Empire in the province and serve as an example of Rome's wealth and greatness.

It will not be easy. Grain does not grow well in these climes, and building and providing for a city in the mountainous terrain will be challenging.

Germanic raids are likely to be a constant thorn in your side. Plan your settlement well to take advantage of the terrain for defensive purposes, but do not forget to allow room for your city to grow and your people to thrive.

Mission goals

  • Culture: 35
  • Security: 60
  • Prosperity: 50
  • Favor: 40
  • Population: 2,000

Available Resources

  • Vegetables
  • Meat
  • Olives
  • Wool
  • Iron (9 mines)
  • Gold (2 mines)
  • Clay (4 pits)
  • Timber (528 trees)

List of trade cities.