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Tingis Walkthrough

The walkthrough for Tingis (Empire 6, economic) is now available. This map is fairly forgiving – lots of flat ground making it easy to layout the housing.

I tried a new layout in this scenario, using only a single coliseum to cover the entire 10,000 population. The walkthrough and download can be found here.

Friday Poll

This week we are asking about walls. Walls are needed not only for protection in the military scenarios, but also to get the equite and patrician housing to evolve. So how much of your city do you wall in? The entire map or just the housing?

The results of last week’s poll: Do you have trouble achieving the security ratings in Caesar IV?

Often (8)
Sometimes (17)
Not usually (24)
Never (26)
Occasionally in the military scenarios (9)

A high security rating can be difficult to obtain not only because of crime, but also in military scenarios if invaders burn down any buildings. If you are interested in a few tips about obtaining a high security rating, check out this security article.

Previous poll results can be found here.

C4 Lister

The latest submission to the downloads is C4 Lister from GaiusHorus. This is a program for previewing scenarios. It shows scenario mission text, minimap, goals, number of trading cities, and whether there are any military requests, invasions or wage changes. When you can’t decide which scenario to play next, this program could help. You can find it here.

Caesar IV Online

Season XV has ended. The winners were Dalan (two golds), brfmeister, charles, megastelios and ADJB, who has won the Londinium time trial again. Dalan‘s winning entry for Tingis is worth a look; it shows over one million denarii!

Season XVI has now started. The time trial is Alexandria again.

There have been no changes to the top rankings in the Empire; PantherX and dragon0042 are still leading.

Friday Poll

Last week’s poll asked about criminals. With more than 50% of players indicating that crimes occur in their cities, the topic for this week is the Security Rating. Crimes cause the Security Rating to drop; so do you have any trouble achieving the Security Rating in scenarios?

The results of last week’s poll: Have you ever seen criminals or protesters in your cities?

Not in my cities (31)
There have been crimes but I’ve never seen any criminals (31)
Beggars (1)
Muggers (2)
Burglars (1)
Protesters (18)
Rioters (2)
More than one of the above (16)

If you do see criminals or protesters in your cities, why not take a snapshot and email it to us for inclusion in the gallery? We need a more pictures in the ‘Disasters’ album. The preferred format is JPG and the size should be 400k or less. You can find details in this thread.

Previous polls can be found here.

New Download Available

GaiusHorus from has uploaded C4 Streetworker. This handy little program allows you to switch road tiles and plazas without having to go into the game folders and rename the files. It also comes with more plazas and road tiles from the site; you don’t need to download the plaza tiles separately. Find it here in the downloads with the other mods.

New CBC Contest

CBC‘s premier Caesar IV contest, Bling, has finished – the winners were Boudica and Herodotus. The new contest is Pink Lake.

This is another contest focusing on making money. If you are interested in the contest, or would just like to know how to get the cash rolling in, be sure to read this post on the CBC forums. Boudica, who also won the Caesar IV Online ‘most denarii’ contest in Season XI with over one million denarii, explains how to do it.

Another Friday Poll

This week we are asking about crime again. The in game help refers to beggars, muggers and burglars. Have you ever seen any of these criminals in your cities?

Last week’s question was: How many food types do you feed your people?

Only one (2)
Usually two (13)
Everyone gets everything (73)
One for plebs, two or more for equites and patricians (4)
Two for plebs, three for equites and patricians (10)
It doesn’t matter what farms I build, there are always houses with no food (16)

62% of people take the easy route and let everyone eat all three foods – which is probably the best option for citywide happiness. For the 14% percent who voted It doesn’t matter what farms I build, there are always houses with no food, try placing more food markets and granaries to help with distribution.

To see all previous polls, look here.

City Planner Available

We now have ledhead‘s city planning spreadsheets available for download.

The Population sheet is where you plan your city. Enter the number of houses and the sheet will tell you how much food you need, and approximate totals for basic, luxury and exotic goods. Enter the number of farms and factories, and the sheet will tell you the monthly and annual production figures. The sheet also calculates prosperity and tax income.

Sheet two allows you to calculate the expenses/profits from imports/exports, and to compare planned production with city requirements. Sheet three has building costs, sizes and labour requirements, and also housing evolution information.

Production rates are average rates. They don’t take into account the distance raw material or farm workers have to travel to get to the resource, nor any of the god bonuses that can significantly increase production.

There are two versions available, one for Office 2007 and the other for MS Office 2000 or Open Office. Find them here in the miscellaneous downloads.

Caesar IV Online

Season XV has now started. The medals for Season XIV have not yet been awarded, but the winners were saboutai, majorbad, Morgana, Dalan (two golds) and either chrilla or charles in the Alexandria time trial. The winning entry for this one is another online anomaly. The city information indicates that the game was saved before the completion criteria had been met.

There has been little change to the top rankings in the Empire; PantherX and dragon0042 remain well ahead of the other governors.

More Custom Scenarios

There are four new custom scenarios available for downloading. Lugdunum Revisited from Angrod (Hieronymus) is the third and last of the ‘Revisited’ series, and is described as ‘different’. The other three custom scenarios are Marokium, Baraketemus, and Konstanteumus from ahk-horus at They are described as medium difficulty; two of them have some ‘building problems’.

They are available here, in the custom scenarios section of the the downloads.

Friday Poll

This week the poll is about food. There are three food types in Caesar IV. Plebs are content with one, equites grumble unless they have two, and patricians want all three types. How many food types do you usually feed your people?

Last week’s question was: How do you orientate gatehouses?

I don’t worry about orientation (14)
Banners on the outside (64)
Banners on the inside (3)
I hadn’t realised there was a difference (56)

Those of us who actually orient the gatehouse prefer the banners on the outside rather than the inside. This makes sense because, historically, banners have always been used as a means of identification.

You can see all previous poll results here.

New Gallery Album

We have a new album in the gallery for screenshots of disasters. Thanks to ADJB for submitting our first screenshots of a devastating earthquake.

Have you experienced raging fires? Have your buildings collapsed for no reason? Have you had burglars, muggers, protesters or rioters in your city? Please email us you screenshot for inclusion in the gallery.

See this thread for more information.

God Bonuses

The article on god bonuses and benevolences is now available. If you’re not sure about the difference between a bonus and a benevolence, or if you want to know how to increase armour production, or how to double your production of raw materials, then be sure to read this.

New Custom Scenarios

Thanks to ahk-horus, we have some new custom scenarios available for download. These are Nanaos (a difficult island scenario), Adosia (easy) and Xantaanus (military). These scenarios have been translated into English – they were originally created in German for the German website.

You can find them here, in the custom scenarios section of the the downloads.