News Archives – November 2007

Moguntiacum Walkthrough

The Prima guide rates Moguntiacum (Empire 5, military) as very hard. Reading Pecunia’s walkthrough you can see why. It looks like you might actually have to fight off the invaders in this scenario. If you are finding it a little tough, check out Pecunia’s walkthrough and saved game in the downloads section.

The Final Deception

The results of the CBC contest, The Final Deception, are now available. Dalan (hard) and ADJB (easy) won with exceptional entries. An interesting story and certainly a deceptive scenario. Try it for yourself here, then download the winning entries here, and read about the different strategies here.

Caesar’s Challenge

Season XXX has finished. No medals have been awarded but the winners were Admiralcatticus (2), charles (2), Rnett and pumi99.

The maps this season are the same as those used for Season XXIX – Djedu and Narbo (high score), Emerita Augusta (time trial), Hippo Regius and Mediolanum (high population) and Narona (most denarii). Rnett has already grabbed first place in the time trial.

There has been no change to the leaders in The Empire; toycivic is still on top.

A Blessing from Ceres

Did you know that a blessing from Ceres could regenerate trees? I didn’t until I read about the latest Caesar IV contest at CBC. A minor Ceres’ benevolence will regenerate some trees (about 25 in my test), and a major Ceres benevolence will regenerate all trees. Goonsquad mentions it here in the discussion of strategies for his contest, The Final Deception.

Editor Tutorial, Part 3

Pecunia has uploaded part three of the editor tutorial. The new pages cover the empire map, how to set up trade routes, and there is a very handy page with the co-ordinates of all the trading cities from the original scenarios.

For comments and discussion, see this post in the Caesar IV forums.

Season XXX

The new season of Caesar’s Challenge has started. The maps are the same as Season XXVIII – Alexandria and Carthago (high score), Caesarea (time trial), Antiochia and Colonia Agrippina (high population) and Londinium (most denarii).

The gold medals for Season XXIX went to biggsy, Admiralcatticus, Rnett (2), charles and chrilla. Both charles and chrilla won the same maps in Season XXII.

toycivic remains the leader in the empire.

Poll Change

Last month we asked: What is your favourite type of custom scenario? Well, sandbox scenarios are definitely the favourites.

Sandbox (60)
Competition (10)
Puzzle (20)
Military (27)
Other (1)
I don’t have a favourite (7)
I don’t play the custom scenarios (34)

Have you noticed that the scenarios in Caesar IV are set in five different climatic regions, each with its own theme music and style of ‘large tree’? The question this month is: Which climate do you prefer?

Check out all the previous polls here.

Editor Tutorial, part 2

Part two of our editor tutorial is available. The four new pages talk about shaping your terrain, adding fertile land and finishing it off with resources, rocks, and shrubs. If you’ve been hesitating to create a scenario, now is the time to start!

If you have any questions or comments about the tutorial, stop by at our forums, especially this thread.

The Dark Pool

The Dark Pool is the latest custom scenario from Angrod (Hieronymus). This is the third scenario of his ‘Beauty’ series, with a complex plot and a mysterious Beauty Advisor.

The scenario has a military focus, with some conquests needed for victory – and many surprises along the way.