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More Downloads

There’re more things to check out on our Downloads page. Mailman653 has uploaded two more of his skin mods. There is also an updated version of Pecunia‘s C4Minimapper, a tool helping you to make minimaps for your scenarios and saves.

Meanwhile, mp747474 has uploaded more game saves, so feel free to have a look at them and give some feedback too. We’re also looking forward to your submissions!

Your career looks quite promising

Have you looked at Caesar IV Online lately? Season III has five days to go and Yandain, who made a clean sweep in season II, is currently leading in four of the six cities in Caesar’s Challenge. Click on the city symbols for Caeasarea and Antiochia to see screenshots of these cities. Yandain has barely started on The Empire but already holds the population record for Burdigala.

In The Empire, the current leader is theking121, with nine cities and over 100,000 in population.

Gamers’ Temple Review

It’s been about a month since the release of Caesar IV, and yep, the reviews are still coming in! Gamers’ Temple has just put up a new review for the game, and awarded it a rather good score of 72%.

The main complaints in this review were, as with most other reviews, regarding the interface and military. However, the reviewer seems to be pleased with C4’s economic engine and the way it runs. He also commends Caesar IV Online as “innovative”.

Overall Caesar IV is enjoyable, but the interface will annoy you throughout your career as a Roman politician. Clean up the interface, fix the road/wall/aqueduct placement issues, toss the combat, and provide an open sandbox mode and you may just have a classic game for the ages.

More Walkthroughs Available

We have added the first two economic scenarios from the Republic Campaign, to the walkthroughs section (Syracusae and Narbo). The saved games are available from the walkthroughs download area.

New Mods

Mailman653 has kindly uploaded four of his own mods for Caesar IV. They include sets of better looking skins for your legions, a texture mod, and a sound mod which improves on the existing battle death sounds and makes them less distracting.

The details and links to download them can be found in our Modifications downloads area. Be sure to give them a try!

Minimap Creator

Angel Pecunia has come up with a handy little program that creates minimaps like those found in our Walkthroughs section. The tool, called C4Minimapper, can be downloaded here at our Miscellaneous downloads page.

It generates .PNG minimaps directly from scenarios (.scn and .sco) and saved games (.c4s and .c4o). However, it currently doesn’t support custom scenarios and saved games from custom scenarios. This limitation would be addressed in a future version.

Three More Reviews

6.5 out of 10 from PALGN AU.

While the game shows areas of brilliance, Caesar IV just isn’t any fun. With a troublesome interface and control structure, and over complex management system, trying to successfully build and manage your town becomes less fun than it should be. While the game can be appreciated for its minor merits, the overall result is fairly average.

8 out of 10 from PGNx Media.

Caesar IV is an engaging strategy game. There is a lot of content and many hours of gameplay to enjoy in the game. Although it isn’t perfect, the game will still end up sucking a number of hours away from your day.

90% from Game Vortex.

I could easily find myself coming back to this title over and over again. To be quite simple about it, it is clean, beautiful and it just works the way I think it should. I don’t know if you can ask for much more. My only ding against it at all was the generic nature of the scenarios. I know that this is a tall order to say, especially as deep as the game is. I just think a few more curve balls would have been fun. This title lives up to its hype and I will purposely have to make time to touch it over and over again. Hail Caesar!

Polling Time

Whew, it didn’t seem that long ago that we updated the poll last time round, and it’s Friday again today! As most of you are already becoming experts in the game and bringing your cities to even greater heights, we’re curious about the highest patrician housing level that you usually have in your cities. Vote and and see how you fare against other governors!

The previous poll, “Which part of Caesar IV do you spend most of your time on?” has been closed. Here are the results:

The campaign, mostly economic scenarios (78)
The campaign, mostly military scenarios (8)
Open play (17)
The editor (1)
I’m still stuck in the tutorials! (11)
I’ve yet to get the game (25)

Sure looks like most players still have their hands full with the economic challenges in Caesar IV! Good luck, fellow citybuilders!

Stuck in the Tutorials?

Help is at hand! Pecunia has uploaded walkthroughs for the Kingdom Campaign (the five tutorial scenarios).

Syracusae and Narbo are coming soon.

Caesar Fan Sites

Caesar Files is a new Caesar fan site launched last week. feRos has absorbed Amarash’s into the site, and it now has Mailman653’s mod files available for downloading.

Other fan sites to check out are Caesar IV Fan dot info and Qua itur Romam?

Viminacium – Prosperity 100

Angel Zen has added four completed cities to the downloads section. I’ve only looked at Viminacium (Empire Campaign – mission 1 – economic) so far. The city ratings are exceptional, 94 for culture and 100 for security, prosperity and favour. You can find all four cities (Corinth, Narona, Carthage and Viminacium) here.

Has anyone managed a city with 100 for all ratings playing at the normal or hard level? If you have, submit it! Talk about your best effort here.

First Completed City

Hippo RegiusWe have our first completed city in the downloads section. Forumer n3trid3r has submitted a very impressive save of Hippo Regius (Republic Campaign – mission 6 – military). Look for it here.

Spontaneous Combustion?


Do you have a problem with unexplained fires in your cities? Check out this thread, Fires and game speed in the Caesar IV forums. You might just find the explanation.

Walkthroughs Section Opened

We have just opened the Walkthroughs section on our site. Unfortunately, the actual walkthroughs themselves are not up there yet. They will be ready soon, though.

For now, the new section includes general map information for every scenario in the Kingdom, Republic and Empire campaigns. Mission goals, map resources, trade partners and enemies specific to each scenario are all listed.

A reminder: our downloads section is now open to submissions. You can share your favourite saves with everyone using this link.

7.7 from IGN

IGN has awarded Caesar IV 7.7 out of 10. Appeal and graphics were rated 8, but the interface scored only 6.5.

Caesar IV is a good fun game from Tilted Mill. It does a good job providing the economic and production chains that are expected from a city builder like this. The developers also did the right thing when they split housing and jobs among the three different classes. Some eye-pleasing visuals also help create some lovely cities.

At the same time some interface drawbacks, high tech requirements, and lack of creativity in scenario design keeps Caesar IV from becoming the big sequel that we were really hoping for. It’s still enjoyable, but hopefully Tilted Mill can really come through with their next title and create some innovative scenarios and challenges that players haven’t experienced for the last decade.

If you’re looking for a good city building economic simulation, Caesar IV has a lot to like.

Downloads Section Up

Ok, fellow governors, the downloads section is up at last! You can now submit game saves of your prized cities and let everyone admire your opus magnum. There is also a miscellaneous section for you to share things that are… well, not save files. You can download Patch 1.1 from here as well.


New Poll

It’s Friday again, and we’ve updated our poll. This week’s one asks you which part of Caesar IV you spend most of your time in.

With last week’s poll “Is the Prima strategy guide useful?” concluded, here are the results:

Very (15)
Somewhat (17)
Not at all (3)
I don’t have it (54)
I wouldn’t use it if I did have it (11)

Discussion on Consumption

A discussion has been going on for a while at our forums about food and goods consumption. Check out the thread “Food Number Crunching“. You can find in this discussion initial test figures for the rate of consumption of food and goods, and even consumption ratios of different food types. Be sure to give it a read!

67% From Game Over Online

This is a very negative review from Game Over Online. The reviewer is not at all happy with the interface, or warehouses, and had trouble mastering trade.

Obviously, I found Caesar IV to be a disappointment. I liked Tilted Mill’s first offering, Immortal Cities: Children of the Nile, much more, and it’s odd how they could go from a unique and interesting game to one so completely bland and generic.

Oh well, not everyone likes city building games.

6.0 From Eurogamer

Only a six from this reviewer at Eurogamer. Not only are the interface and military criticised, the reviewer feels the gameplay hasn’t been improved since Caesar III. It makes me wonder how far into the campaigns he played.

The good:

There’s real pleasure to be had from mastering the complex economy in the face of constant adversity.

The bad:

But even after an eight-year gap, it still manages to feel like a churned out sequel rather than a careful study of what did and didn’t work last time around.

Site Update

As promised, we’ve just added more game information. Check out our list on trade prices. It shows clearly the import and export prices for all the different goods – food, raw materials, basic, luxury, exotic and military goods.

New Review at GiN

There is a new review at Game industry News, which awarded Caesar IV an overall 4 out of 5, and a generous 4.5 for both graphics and value!

In fact, in most of the scenarios you are given enough starting money that you can layout at least the basic framework for your town with the game paused before you really start playing. This is the most realistic approach I think because a Roman governor is going to plan out his town to start with and not just start throwing buildings and streets down as necessary. At least a good governor will do that, so it’s nice that you can as well.

The review is very positive on the new game engine and graphics. The main complaint revolves around the military aspect though.

8 Out Of 10 From Game Chronicles

Game Chronicles have awarded Caesar IV eight out of ten in this fair, but unexciting, review. The final score would have been higher but for the game play bugs.

Overall Caesar IV is a very good and fun city builder with loads of value in all the different play modes. With the recent rush of city builders coming out Caesar IV is the best that I have played and by far the best looking with its quality graphics.

Hotkeys List

We have just added to our site a Hotkeys list. These keyboard shortcuts will be convenient if you find it troublesome having to fumble with the mouse cursor all the time. We certainly hope that this list will be helpful to you!

Housing Requirements Page Added

Salutations, folks. We have updated our site with an article on Housing Requirements. It is a fairly comprehensive list of goods and services that are required to attain different housing levels in your cities. This is just one of the many more articles that we will be putting up for your perusal, so be sure to stay tuned for the rest!

Weekly Poll Updated

We have closed our poll “What would you like to see most at Caesar IV Heaven?”.

Walkthroughs (89)
Articles on different aspects of the game (30)
I’m a bean counter: data tables with lots of numbers! (27)
Housing block graphics generators (glyphs) (57)
Others (give us your suggestions in our forums!) (3)

Total votes: 206

Thank you everyone for the suggestions. It looks like we now have a good excuse to spend more time playing the game so we can write the walkthroughs!

You can find all the past poll results here.

Game Boyz Review

Game Boyz have given Caesar IV a score 8.875 out of 10. This reviewer has played more than just the tutorials; he even offers advice on strategy.

Tilted Mill took the Caesar franchise and did something I didn’t think was possible — they made it better.

If you’re looking to pillage and destroy, then this game is not for you.

If you’re looking for a break from all the shooter games and want to exercise your cerebellum instead of your libido, then Caesar 4 is must have game. It has all the right components (quality gameplay, strong graphics and sound). Move over Civilization, there’s a new emperor in town and his name Caesar 4.

7.0 From Games Radar

This seems a somewhat superficial review. I don’t think the reviewer spent a lot of time with the game.

If you can deal with its quirks, Caesar IV offers a stunning economic model that is sure to challenge even the best money managers while providing hours of play.

6.9 From ActionTrip

Not much content in this review, more of whinge about too many Roman strategy games. Interestingly enough, the reviewer says Technically, Caesar IV is very solid.

On the other hand:

In my opinion, however, the game is simply not fun enough and it gets very repetitive after a while. The challenges rarely diverge enough to keep things interesting, so Caesar IV just gets stale after a while.

8.3 from GameZone

GameZone has awarded Caesar IV 8.3 out of ten. A positive review, though once again, there is some criticism of the interface and the reviewer needed an upgrade to handle the graphics.

Easy to pick up and play, hard to put down!

Tilted Mill has produced a faithful rendition of Caesar, which should make all fans of the series very happy.

I highly recommend this game for anyone, and it would make a great Christmas present!

Review at HonestGamers

There is a new review at HonestGamers, which gave Caesar IV 8 out of 10.

At the end of the day, Caesar IV is a great game that anyone can play, one that keeps you coming back because it’s so careful to get all the important things right. Even when you’re not doing particularly well, you’ll be tempted to keep going because you know that the next time around, you won’t make the same mistakes.

Qua itur Romam?

Many Caesar3 oldtimers will have heard of Grumpus and his famous site “Which Way to Rome?”. Well, Grumpus is back at it again, and he’s just set up his Caesar IV site called “Qua itur Romam?“, which is apparently the Latin translation for the name of his previous website.

Grumpus has currently put up articles on favour and prosperity calculation, as well as a walkthrough for Syracusae. We expect to see even more detailed information on the inner workings of Caesar IV soon!

Season II Has Opened

Governors, the first season of Caesar’s Challenge has finished and the medals have been awarded. Season II has started and will run for two weeks. The maps seem to be the same; only the objectives have changed.

Have you started on your Empire yet? At this stage there are more than one hundred governors and 250 cities, with the largest province so far having 10 cities.

You have a duty to Rome to create great cities….

Stuck in Brundisium?

Are you playing the last mission of the Kingdom campaign? Are you wondering where those hostile barbarians have got to? Don’t give in; you are not alone. This thread in the Caesar IV forums should help.

The kingdom is in need of talented governors like yourself. Make Rome proud!

Weekly Poll Updated

We have just closed our previous poll which asked which feature of Caesar IV Online interests you the most. It looks like many Citybuilders are still used to playing Single Player, and most people voted saying that they aren’t interested in online play. A surprising number of you also said that you do not know what Caesar IV Online is! You can read more about it here. Anyway, the results for that poll are as follows:

Caesar’s Challenge (2)
The Empire (9)
Both! (21)
I’m not interested in online play (33)
Caesar IV Online?… What’s that? (23)

This week’s poll is: “What would you like to see most at Caesar IV Heaven?” We would like to hear from you, so do vote and tell us what you would like to see on our site. If you have any further suggestions, feel free to tell us about them on our forums.

New Review and Screenshots at Gamespot

There is a new review at It gave Caesar IV a good score of 7.7/10.

Like most city-building games, Caesar IV is about setting up the interconnected chains that civilization relies upon. You have to handle every detail, including housing, sanitation and health care, food production and distribution, security, religion, and more. Having plenty of workers means nothing if you can’t keep them fed, nor does having lots of buildings if you don’t have enough engineers to maintain them. The sheer variety of structures that you can build is impressive, and one of the satisfying moments in the game is when you do construct a self-sufficient city that produces such a large variety of goods. There’s something almost hypnotic about watching your workers and citizens roam your city, go to work, buy goods, watch gladiator games, and more.

Gamespot has also released 8 more screenshots here. One of them even shows some street fighting.

Game Info Updated

Do you need to know the size of the theatre and what it costs? Do you need to know how many equites are employed by a resevoir, or how many plebs man the gatehouse?

Check out the new buildings table for information on how big it is, what it costs, and what employees are needed.

Four Stars from Yahoo

Tom Chick’s review for Yahoo Games is more balanced and informative than the review from 1Up.

Online or offline, as a campaign or a freeform scenario, Caesar IV is an inviting game, easy to like and hard to stop playing. It’s got a fairly forgiving learning curve, and it will rarely plunge you into the sort of economic death spirals that can make other city builders so discouraging. Tilted Mill’s attention to detail has ensured that whether Caesar IV is beating you down or unfurling before you a magnificent ancient city, it does it with style and personality.

Not only has Tom Chick a lot of credibility as a reviewer, he originally used the phrase I came, I saw, I yawned (applied by the 1Up reviewer to Caesar IV) in a review of a Roman strategy game back in 2002.

1Up Review – Six out of Ten

Well the reviewer at 1Up is not too happy with our new Caesar. He finds the interface clunky and he refers to the military as Keystone Cops. He gives the impression that he is not really attracted to city building games – a subgenre geared specifically to RTS pacifists.

Tilted Mill has done a bang-up job of creating a hustling, bustling city dynamic that revolves around daisy-chained supply lines.
At times, it can be a highly enjoyable balancing act. But there are some serious foibles, too — beyond the lame military aspects.
On the plus side, that mathematical information is well handled and doled out to the player in palatable morsels by Caesar IV “advisers” panel.
I came, I saw, I yawned.

Are we talking about the same game?

Surely Rome cannot be built in a day?


Plan carefully and build wisely

If you had trouble downloading the pre-order bonus material, don’t despair. This thread on the Caesar IV board at the VU Games Community has a link to the download. Now you too, can try your hand at building Rome.

More Than Just Water

Did you know that you could build your walls over and through your aqueducts?
Did you know that those Roman aqueducts could be used for more than carrying water?

Keith Heitmann has some useful aqueduct tips here on the VU Games Community forums.