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More Site Updates

We have just added two new pages to our site – Links and Reviews. The former contains links to other Caesar IV websites and game-related downloads. On the Reviews page are links to Caesar IV reviews by various game sites.

FAQ Added

We have just added an FAQ page to our site. The link can also be found on the navigation bar on the left. It includes a list of general, gameplay and technical related questions.

A Sneak Peek at the Prima Caesar IV Game Guide

The Sierra FTP site now features two special PDF files. They are each ten-page previews for the Prima Official Game Guide for Caesar IV.

From what we’ve gathered from these two releases, the Prima Game Guide will discuss the game concepts, provide details on the game features and include insights on city planning and other advanced strategies. Production figures and other in-depth information that every hardcore Citybuilder needs are also provided.

You can download the two files here and here. At the end of the two documents is a link to buy the full guide from Prima Games.

Poll Update

In our last poll, we asked if you were going to buy Caesar IV after trying out the demo. It looks like most people are interesting in getting it. Here are the results:

Yes: 101 votes
No: 25 votes

Our new poll asks which aspect of Caesar IV Online you would be interested in playing. Vote now!

Most Bang-for-Buck Gaming Graphics Card

Caesar IV is probably the most graphics-intensive Citybuilder game we’ve seen so far. For those of you who are looking at a system upgrade to play this game, but are on a rather tight budget, check out the recent article “The Best Gaming Video Cards for the Money: October 2006” at Tom’s Hardware Guide. It gives many helpful suggestions on the most value-for-money graphics cards out there today, and is a must-read if you’re searching for one.

New Wallpapers

Five new wallpapers have been put up for download at the official Caesar IV site here. They are all available in both 1024*768 and 1280*960 versions.

Editor Available

It looks like we won’t have to wait for an expansion pack. There is an editor bundled with the game.
If you don’t have the game yet, check out the screenshots in this thread on the Caesar IV official forums.

Season One Opens

Caesar IV Online is up and running. The first season of Caesar’s Challenge is underway. For those lucky enough to have the game, this is your chance to be the top governor. The longer you wait, the less chance you will have. Why not try it while there are only a handful of other bureaucrats on the ladder?

Patch Available

The game has been available for less than 24 hours and already there is a patch available. Get the link here.

This is ONLY for English versions of the game sold in the retail box. International and digital download customers do not need this patch. The patch fixes an issue with the Caesar IV Online Feature.

The Big Day has finally arrived!

*Checks calendar* Yes, today is the 26th – the day we’ve all been awaiting for impatiently. Caesar IV is scheduled to be released in the US today. Be sure to grab them when they appear in stores in a few days’ time! For the rest of us, we’ll just have to be a little more patient. Caesar IV is scheduled for release two days later in Australia, and on the 20th of October in Europe, according to GameFAQs.


Are you interested in Roman history, architecture, culture, language or trivia?

Why not have a look at Keith Heitmann’s SPQR List in the Caesar IV discussion forum at the VU Games Community forums?

There are hundreds of links to interesting sites that will help fill in background details about Roman life.

Rome dusts off its ancient chariot track

Rome city council have plans to renovate the Circus Maximus site. Future visitors to Rome may find that the Circus Maximus looks less like a scrubby patch of ground and more like a monument. See this article from Reuters.

Enemies Are Smart

In a new video at UnderGroundOnline, Jared Yager, Associate Producer for Caesar IV, talks about enemies invading your city:

They are very smart … You have to train your troups to be better than them.

There is also just a little more information about Caesar’s Challenge.

Four stars from Gamespy

This new review at Gamespy is definitely worth reading. And it comes with 27 ‘must see’ screenshots covering Narbo, Caralis, Genoa and Tarraco.

Tilted Mill, already a past master at this kind of economic simulation, has pulled out all the stops in creating a dynamic, living web of economic relationships.

There’s always something to do, tweak, adjust, fix, turn on or turn off in Caesar IV.

In terms of sheer strategic depth, there’s not a city-builder out there that can match it.

Unfortunately, it also has those annoying little moments of frustration — fighting the interface and dealing with legionnaires, among them.

Localised Demos

Well Caesar IV won’t be in the stores next week if you live in Europe. Perhaps a localised demo will make some amends. The UK, French, Italian and Spanish versions are available from Sierra. The German version is currently available only from the ftp site.

Poll Updated

We have updated our poll. I’m sure you’ve already tried out the demo, so vote and tell us if you’re going to buy the full game!

Also, the results of our previous poll (Have you preordered the game?) can be found here.

Off to the Races

Entertainment, more buildings, new decorations. Check out the latest screenshots from GameSpot.

Caesar IV Online

The official Caesar IV site now has content about online game play. Feeling competitive? Take “Caesar’s Challenge”. Prefer playing your own game? Play the online scenarios from “The Empire”.

Read about it here, and feel the excitement!

Storm in Syracuse has 13 new screenshots showing what looks like the Syracuse and Mediolanum scenarios.

There are interesting looking buildings that we haven’t seen in the demo, and some spectacular lightning!

In Stores next Week

Tilted Mill have confirmed that Caesar IV has gone gold.

Caesar IV has gone gold, look for it in stores next week!

Preview at GameZone

The latest preview is at GameZone. This positive review (apart from glitches with the sheep farms) gives a little insight into the first campaign (Syracuse).

“I’ve been looking forward with great excitement to Caesar IV”
“the gameplay I did experience has left me wanting more, much more”

Gone Gold

September 19th. WorthPlaying report that Sierra announced today that Caesar IV has gone gold.

This is what we have all been waiting for.

The Caesar Legacy

Read about The Caesar Legacy and the Enduring Appeal of Ancient Rome while you wait for the release date.

Chris Beatrice, President of Tilted Mill Entertainment walks you through the history of the Caesar Gaming Franchise from the beginning of the Caesar legacy to Caesar IV.

“It’s still all about building efficient, attractive, functional cities.”

Developer Diary V

The fifth video in the Developer Diary series presented by Tony Leier, Senior Designer at Tilted Mill, is a now available at Gamespot. Mat Williams, Producer, talks about the importance of city layout. Mat Williams and Chris Beatrice, President, describe the on-line part of the game. All governors aspiring to be the next Caesar should watch this.

This is Narbo

Downloaded the demo? Struggling with awkward city layouts? Forget those old housing blocks. Look at the screenshots in the Caesar IV gallery to see what can be created with the demo.

If you haven’t downloaded the demo yet, these screenshots should certainly tempt you.

A gold eagle with a laurel wreath

A foretaste of the military side of Caesar IV can be found at Digital Entertainment News.

Read about the cohorts, and their maintenance and training. Read about city walls and enemy units. Read about bribing your way out of trouble.

And to see those cohorts and siege engines in action check out the screenshots available at Gamespot and Gamespy.

Imperial Assessment – A Caesar III contest

Before Caesar IV is released, the folks at Ancient-Maps (formerly Citybuilding Contests) have come up with a contest for Caesar III. It’s called Imperial Assessment, and will contain six short missions. The first one has already begun: Mission 1: One Night in Tarraco. You can read more about it at the Ancient-Maps forums.

Rome has confidence in you, Governor

Rome has requested feedback about our HG forums. The survey is very short; please take the time to fill it in.

This is your chance to influence the direction of future forum development.

Building Cities the Aesthetic Way

Salutations, folks! As I was reading through some of the discussion threads at the Tilted Mill forums, I came across this interesting one called Decoration Tips.

For you hardcore citybuilders out there who are already getting restless waiting for the full game to be released, have you tried building your cities in different ways? You might just surprise yourself with a creative and aesthetically pleasing housing block, or a beautifully decorated paved road. Give it a try!

Welcome, Governors

I know a great many of us have been awaiting this moment. Eagerly awaiting this moment. After playing every single Caesar 3 scenario in more ways than the designers thought possible…”Hey, let’s do Carthago without prefects!” we can soon take on Carthago in a different way.

Tilted Mill, known from Children of the Nile, but also from many of their staff having been involved in earlier citybuilders, have recreated the Glory that was Rome…erm, or rather. the Glory that was Caesar 3.

Caesar 4 will be bringing back familiar places and familiar faces, such as prefects and engineers, but now in glorious 3D, with factories, with day and night, with weather. I checked out the demo and was hooked. Caesar 4 brings our favourite citybuilder into the 21st century.

So, with little further ado, I’d like to welcome you to Caesar 4 Heaven. We’re a bit bare bones at the moment, but we will make this the place to go should you need information about the game, its scenarios, and its history.

I hope you’ll enjoy our efforts.