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Walkthrough for Lugdunum

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Scenario: Empire 3: Lugdunum
Game version: v1.2 (any language)
Difficulty: Normal
Culture: 89
Security: 100
Prosperity: 100
Favor: 60
Population: 6020
Credit: Many thanks to @Kach for his preferred block, city layout and walkthrough. His walkthrough is very well detailed and helpful you definitely should have a look in.

Now back to the game.


By reading Kach's walkthrough I knew there'd be two invasions. The first from the southern side in Nov 61 AD which would need 7000 denarii and another in March 62 AD which would need 8500 denarii to buy off.

Too much money and the two invasions would be really close so I decided to not pay.

My plan was to build everything on the northern side so I could ignore the first invasion, build a wall around the city and lot of towers and prefects on the upper north wall of the city to fight off the second invasion.

It's important to note that I won the scenario before both invasions started so in fact I didn't need the towers and prefects. I wasted a lot of money on these towers. Also my apologies since I played this scenario a while ago so I can't remember the exact timeline of when I did what. Only the order and storylines. I might mess up the order a bit as well since I don't really have a good memory.

6000 population and 70 culture rating means I'd need two Kach's regular blocks to meet.

These two blocks will share a colosseum, a forum, an exotic market and a library. But I'll modify Kach's block a bit to have more villas and more houses.

You should have only one exotic market because exotic goods cost a lot. Especially in the early game you won't have the money to fully fill more than one exotic market. And you can use that slot to place one more villa. More villas more tax more money.

Now I check the trade routes.

We can export weapon and armor so we'll start with this first. We won't need those in the first stage of the game and they'll bring lot of money.

30 weapon = 30 * 106 = 3180
30 armor = 30 * 100 = 3000
Or 6180 denarii a year, not bad at all.

The sheep farms will take a lot of time to produce wool so better start with weapon only.

Next of course will be pottery, olive oil, armor, clothing, olives, wool. In that order but we must pay attention to the amount exported because we'll need pottery, olive oil and clothing to upgrade our insula too.

I place three grain, one vegetables, one cattle farms.

One food and one basic good market, mothballed both.

14 insula, two domus, a Jupiter shrine, a tax office (mothballed), a clinic, a prefect, an engineering office, a fountain and a reservoir, a pump house.

And of course the necessary roads. Don't build the roads you don't need yet. But make sure to preplan your city carefully and leave enough room for the necessary buildings and the walls.

You can see I place those little dots of roads instead of the whole roads. Money is essentially important in the early game, build only what you really need.

For industry I place two iron mines. I'll need two iron mines for two weapon and two armor factories.

One timber camp.

Three clay digging camps and three pottery factories.

Five olive farms (mothballed two).

Two sheep farms.

Two weapon factories.

Two olive oil factories.

One warehouse to store iron near the weapon factories. Don't forget to place another prefect and engineering office for this industrial area.

I open the trade routes for pottery and weapon. Then I place those trade depot and port near the pottery and weapon factories.
Mothball all the factories, the warehouse and the trade depot and trade port.

Ok good to go. I have around 2500 denarii left I think.


The plebs start flocking to the city.

I unmothball the pottery factories when the clay camps start making the first clays.

Then the warehouse to store iron when the iron mines produce the first iron.

Then the weapon factories when iron start to arrive into the warehouse.

Then the trade depot to sell pottery when the first pottery is completed.

Then the trade port for weapon once the first weapon is made.

Don't forget to switch the selling on in the trade port and depot.

Unmothball the basic goods market so the insula can upgrade. Build another clay digging camp and two pottery factories.

Don't forget to unmothball the tax office.

Next I check the farms.

Unmothball the oil factories when the first olive harvest arrives.

Build two more olive oil factories.

Open the trade route to sell olive oil and start to sell olive oil when the first olive oil is made.

Unmothball the food market when grains and vegetables are available.

Unmothball the two olive farms and build two more. Once these farms start making olives open the trade route and start selling olives.

Once the sheep farms start making wools build two clothing factories and two armor factories. Make sure you switch the armor selling on in the trade port.

Open the trade route to sell clothing. Uncheck the clothing box in the basic good market. Place two more clothing factories right next to the trade depot.

Build two sheep farms on the upper northern side so you can sell wools later.

Build one cattle farms, two vegetables farms next to it to sell meat and vegetables.

Once these farms start making cattle, vegetables, wools open the respective trade routes to sell. Don't forget to place a prefect there.

Build a couple more grains, vegetables farms to feed your growing population.

Now I check how the exports going. Pause.

Pottery is doing fine. Ok.

Weapon and armor doing fine. Ok.

For clothing the export rate is a bit too quick I've sold a bit too many so far. It's important to notice your export rate so you don't over produce things in the early game.

You can check it by doing some simple math. For example you'd need to sell 100 something a year and by June you've sold 60. You're over producing that thing.

I simply check the clothing box in the basic good market so the insula can evolve quicker. You always in dire need of plebs in the early game anyway.

Olive export is a bit too slow so I build three more olive farms.

Olive oil export is a bit too slow too so I place another olive oil factory.

Wools, vegetables, cattle is doing fine. Good.

Then I check the labor.

The plebs and equites seem content.

The insula keep evolving but I still have a huge number of open pleb jobs.

I do some simple math and realise I'd need at least 8 insula more.

I place another 8 insula in the second block.

Also another fountain, clinic, temple, tax office, food market, basic market for the second block.

Luckily the new fountain was in range of the existing reservoir so I don't need another reservoir.

I place a new domus in the first block to run those new buildings in the second block.

Mothball everything in the second block except the insula.


Wait for the plebs to fill the new insula then build a couple more grain and vegetables farms near the new food market.

Unmothball the new food market and basic good market. And other buildings in the second block when the equites fill the new domus.

Rome demand 1500 denarii. As I read Kach's walkthrough I knew Rome will demand 1500 Denarii every 12 months from your LAST payment. So I'll postpone it until the last minute possible.

Pleb wages also increase but I didn't lower the pleb wage at the start of the game so I do nothing.

I didn't know the trick you should lower the pleb wage by four compared to the standard wage. The plebs of course would grumble a bit but it'll save you lot of money.

If you had lowered the pleb wage don't forget to address this.

Pause. I run a check on everything again. Everything seem fine. Unpause.

When more plebs are available I build one iron mine, two utensil factories. This is for the luxury market.

I want to build another timber cutting camp to provide timber for the furniture factories too but checking the timber sources it's simply impossible. There is very little timber on the northern side and my plan is to not build anything on the southern side where timber is abundant.

So I open the trade route to import timber and place two furniture factories close by.

I also import gold and make jewelry then sell it to make balance with the timber import. Don't forget to set the timber import bar to 6. That'd be enough for two furniture factories and won't hurt your coffer.

You can skip this and simply add a ship bridge across the river to place a new timber cutting camp on the southern side and the two furniture factories there.

Check Kach's walkthrough to see where to place the bridge if you have any difficulty doing so.

Build a warehouse to store furniture, utensil and jewelry.

Now I wait a bit for the coffer to fill in.

When I have around 10000 denarii I build an exotic market, open the trade route for sylphium. I import 6 units of every exotic goods.

Don't forget to keep an eye on the trade depots and ports and stop buying those exotic goods once you bought 6 units of each type.

Then I wait for those goods to arrive at the exotic market. When those goods arrive completely at the exotic market I mothball the exotic market.

Check the warehouse for the luxury goods. Good, they're there.

Build a couple new grain, vegetables farms and a cattle farm for the incoming patricians and equites.

Meanwhile the money would be back to around 8000. I paid the first 1500 tribute around this time I think because there's only one month left.

Time to place the villas in the first block.


I place 6 villas. Another 7 domus and a luxury market.

An arena, a bath house, a school, three temple of different gods, an odeum, a theater, an actor guide, an hospital, a library, a forum, two barbershops, a basilica, a governor's villa.

The colosseum, forum, library should be placed between the two blocks. You can place the hospital between the two block too. I only realise later in the game that a hospital can cover both blocks (that's why I have two hospitals in my save).

Place the gladiator guide near the weapon factory.

Place the trainer guide near the cattle farm.

I don't have the place for the basilica and governor's villa in the first block so I place it in the second block.

Decorate the roads around the villas by paving them with plaza 3. Place three large trees. One next to the fountain. One next to the temples. One next to the temple in the villa block.

Mothball everything except the villas, domus and the luxury market.

Unmothball the exotic market.

Stop selling jewelry.


Now keep an eye on the villas and unmothball the necessary services for those villas to evolve one by one as the equites move in.

Don't forget to unmothball the actor guide and gladiator guide in advance. They'll need a while to function properly.

Check if all markets and villas are paying taxes. Good, they're paying.

As the villas and domus keep evolving wait for the money to go up again. When you have around 6000 it's time to build the walls.


I build a gate house by the entrance and complete the walls ended at the upper northern river to surround everything inside.


Check if the domus keep evolving to see if your walls work. Good, the walls work.

Rome demands for 30 sylphiums. Just ignore it. You won't have the money for that.

The money keeps going up really fast. When you have around 6000 denarii import 6 units of every exotic goods again. Don't forget to stop buying once you buy 6 units.

Unmothball the trainer guide. Then the colosseum.

The villas will upgrade to grand mansions in no time.

Meanwhile I place 9 towers on the upper northern wall. Of course this is a mistake I've mentioned earlier so don't do this.

Wait till I have around 6000 denarii then I switch all the exotic goods to buying. Of course I keep the storing bar to 6 only.

Wait for a while the money keeps going up. That means my economy is sustainable and I can afford the exotic goods.

Wait till I have 6000 denarii again then I repeat the villas placing process again in the second block.

6 villas, 9 domus and everything else except the shared colosseum, library, forum and the guides.

Add two insula to meet the required 6000 population. But now the existing reservoir can't reach one of these new villas so I build a new reservoir.

Build a new luxury market for the second block and a warehouse nearby to help transport the luxury goods there.

The money keep going up and I have like 150 equites unemployed so I build a chariot guide near the trade depot where I import timber and a circus to employ those equites.

Rome demands for 1500 denarii again and also 30 honey.

The first invasion warning message pop up. Of course I don't pay.

By Nov 61 AD the population reaches 6020.


I paid the 1500 denarii tribute and send Rome some gifts to meet the 60 favour requirement.

Unpause and I win.

Time elapsed 3 years 9 months.
Treasury 12341.

List of events:

59 02 Tribute 1,500 denarii
59 02 Wages increase
60 08 Request for 30 sylphium
61 01 Tribute 1,500 denarii
61 02 Request for 30 honey
61 11 Bandits 7,000 denarii

If you want to keep playing you can now pay off the first invasion or build a ship bridge, some wall on the southern side, couple of towers and prefects there to fight off the invasions.

Please note that you can't build any of those during the invasion and if you don't fight or buy them off they just stand there and the invasion goes on forever. So it's better to fight them off imo. Then you can place some timber cutting camps on the southern side and stop the timber import.

I kept playing for a while to see how the invasion goes.

I built a ship bridge to the southern side, walls around the sourthern end of the bridge, a gate house, 5 towers, 5 prefects and an engineering office.

My guys fought off the first wave. Then another second wave. There's some message pop up about the second invasion I think but I simply ignored it.

Then I unmothballed the towers on the northern wall and waited forever for the second invasion. Turned out that second wave was actually the second invasion. Both invasions came from the southern side. Stupid me ^^

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This is really nice and I'm glad Kach was able to help guide you with this submission. I had totally forgot that this C4 site had a special download category for walkthroughs.
kach Thanks for uploading this Nordmore. I've added your screenshots to the C4 gallery and changed the links in your text.

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