Production Rates

If you’ve read our article on consumption, you know how much food and goods each house needs per year. The next question that then arises is: how much does each farm and factory produce per year?

Production rates on this page assume that the buildings are fully staffed. Understaffed buildings produce substantially less goods per year.

Some god bonuses improve the production rate of some industries. Bonus levels depend on number of houses with cover for that god. For level 1, 20 houses need to have coverage, for level 2 it’s 40 houses, and for level 3 it’s 60 houses.


Two fields or pastures per farm were placed, since that is the optimal ratio for farm production quoted in the game manual, and also works best in practice. The yearly production depends highly on the distance the farmers need to travel to the fields and pastures: the longer the distance, the lower the production.

For farms and raw materials, we measured the production in two cases: when the building is as close to the resource as possible, and when the building is about 50 tiles away from the resource. The reported numbers are averages.

Good Yearly production With god bonus
Close to field/pasture Distance of about 50 tiles Close to field/pasture Distance of about 50 tiles Bonus level
Grain Grain 46 40 51 47 Ceres level 3
Vegetables Vegetables 46 40 51 47 Ceres level 3
Meat Meat 70 65 76 72 Ceres level 2
Farmed raw materials
Wool Wool 62 57 66 62 Ceres level 2
Olives Olives 38 33 40 35 Ceres level 1
Grapes Grapes 38 33 40 35 Ceres level 1

Raw materials

Harvested raw materials work the same way as farms: production decreases when the distance between the resource camp and the resource increases.

Mercury is a valuable god for raw material production: he lets workers carry one extra load of goods in their carts, essentially doubling the production.

Timber trees regrow exactly four months after being cut down, so the total timber production depends on the number of trees available on your map. When the timber camp is close to trees, it will use about 12-16 trees in the area around the timber camp.

Good Yearly production With god bonus
Close to resource Distance of about 50 tiles Close to resource Distance of about 50 tiles Bonus level
Timber Timber 44 32
Sand Sand 40 30 80 60 Mercury level 1
Clay Clay 40 30 80 60 Mercury level 1
Iron Iron 38 30 76 60 Mercury level 1
Gold Gold 38 30 76 60 Mercury level 1
Marble Marble 32 24 64 48 Mercury level 1

Manufactured Goods

Goods produced in factories have a fixed production rate as long as they are stocked with raw materials. The only other influences on the production rates of factories are blessings from the gods.

Good Input Yearly production With god bonus
Basic goods
Glass Glass 1 sand 23.4
Pottery Pottery 1 clay 23.4
Clothing Clothing 1 wool 23.4
Olive Oil Olive oil 1 olives 23.4
Luxury goods
Jewelry Jewelry 1 gold 17.8
Utensils Utensils 1 iron 17.8
Furniture Furniture 1 timber 17.8
Wine Wine 1 grapes 17.8 19.2 (Bacchus level 1)
Military goods
Weapons Weapons 1 iron, 1 timber 16 17.8 (Mars level 1)
Armor Armor 1 iron, 1 wool 16 17.8 (Mars level 1)

Resource gatherer to factory ratio

Using the production numbers above, we can calculate the optimum ratio of farms/resource gatherers to factories. The table was calculated using the “50-tile distance” numbers for farms and resources, without Ceres bonuses for farms.

A star (*) means: if you have Mercury’s level 1 bonus, you can halve the number of resource camps for optimal production.

Finished good Optimum ratio
Basic goods
Glass Glass 2-3 factories per 2 sand digging camps*
Pottery Pottery 2-3 factories per 2 clay digging camps*
Clothing Clothing 2 factories per sheep farm with two pastures
Olive Oil Olive oil 3 factories per 2 olive farms (2 olive groves each)
Luxury goods
Jewelry Jewelry 3-4 factories per 2 gold camps*
Utensils Utensils 3-4 factories per 2 iron camps*
Furniture Furniture 3-4 factories per 2 timber camp
Wine Wine 2 factories per grape farm (2 vineyards)
Military goods
Weapons Weapons 2 factories: 1 iron camp* and 1 timber camp
Armor Armor 4 factories: 2 iron camps* and 1 sheep farm