Here is a list of cheat codes for Caesar IV. They may come in useful if you’re doing certain tests, or if you’re really desperate. Otherwise, it is better if you play the game without using them.

To enter the cheats, first hit the return/enter key, then type any of these:

  • Win
    Instantly win on the map
  • Denarii *amount*
    Replace *amount* with any number. The keyed in amount of Denarii appears in your coffers out of nowhere
  • Savings *amount*
    Replace *amount* with any number. The keyed in amount will be added to your personal savings
  • Unlock
    Unlocks all campaign missions, so they can be played from the Scenarios menu
  • Fire disabled or Fire re-enabled
    Disable or re-enable fires
  • Dissatisfaction disabled or Dissatisfaction re-enabled
    Disable or re-enable dissatisfaction amongst your populace
  • Plague disabled or Plague re-enabled
    Disable or re-enable plagues resulting from poor health coverage
  • Military morale disabled or Military morale re-enabled
    Disable or re-enable the effect of morale on your cohorts
  • Requests disabled or Requests re-enabled
    Disable or re-enable requests and demands from Rome