Editor Tutorial

The Caesar 4 editor can be a monster to work with: there are so many buttons and input fields that one can easily get lost in it. On top of that, the editor may crash once in a while. To help you find your way in the editor, we have created these pages.

Part 1: introduction and basic settings

A short introduction to the scenario-making process, and which files a scenario requires.

Starting a scenario
How to start making your own scenario in the editor: either by modifying an existing scenario or creating a new scenario from scratch

Basic settings
Basic settings for a scenario such as starting dates, map size and starting favour

Map size and aprons
An explanation of the relation between the map size and aprons (the scenery beyond the map edge), and a list of available aprons

Part 2: editing the map

Creating the terrain
A short tutorial on painting the terrain with the editor

Explains how to create mountains, hills, rivers, and oceans

Roads and arable lands
Pre-placing roads in your scenario and creating patches of arable land

Placing objects
Information on placing “objects” on your map: buildings, resources, shrubs, weeds and rocks

Part 3: the Empire Level

The Empire Level, part 1
Information on how to add cities to the empire level: the player’s own city, trade cities and enemy sites

The Empire Level, part 2
Explains how to edit the cities on the empire level and to add natural looking trade routes

Empire level graphics and cities
A reference page for the graphics you can choose as icon for the empire level cities, and a reference of the locations of common trade cities

Part 4: other settings

Orders and Requests
Details how to set up orders and requests from Caesar

Miscellaneous Settings
Various small settings that have not been covered elsewhere: disabling buildings, customizing trade prices, and setting gifts to Caesar

Victory Conditions
At the end, we take a look at how to set the victory conditions for the scenario

Part 5: the XML file

XML basics
A short introduction to the XML file, and how to add the mission briefing and ratings to the mission introduction screen using the XML file.

Empire sites and requests
Explains how to add the labels for empire level sites, and texts for orders and requests

Invasions and events
Details the XML settings required for invasions, and the messages to the user for events like wage changes and earthquakes

Part 6: scripting

Scripting basics
A gentle introduction to the complex world of scripting

Learn how to add special events to the game using scripting: wage changes and earthquakes

Military Requests
This page details how to set up requests for military aid from Caesar

Explains how to add invasions to your scenario

A list of “constants” you can use when setting up military requests and invasions

Debugging with Visual Studio
For advanced users only: explains how to configure Visual Studio to step through your code at runtime


Scripting guide
Written by top scenario designer Hieronymus, this guide contains all functions available for scripting scenarios