Housing Requirements

Plebs (Insulae)

To keep plebs happy, they need:

  • One type of food
  • Access to water
Housing level Requirements Number of occupants
Small Insula Nothing 70
Medium Insula One type of basic goods 110
Large Insula Two types of basic goods, fountain water 150

Equites (Domus)

Equites would like to have:

  • Two types of food
  • Access to water
  • Two types of basic goods

If they don't have any other complaints about the city, they will be satisfied with just one type of food, one basic good, and water.

Housing level Requirements Number of occupants
Small Domus Nothing 40
Medium Domus One type of luxury goods, fountain water 60
Large Domus Two types of luxury goods, city walls 80


Patricians would like to have:

  • Pipe access provided by a reservoir
  • Three types of food
  • Three types of basic goods
  • Two types of luxury goods

However, if other matters in the city are to their liking, they will be satisfied with only two food types, two basic goods and one luxury good.

Upgrading patrician housing does not change the number of people that can live in the house: there are always 30 patricians living there.

Entertainment requirements in parentheses are suggested entertainment buildings, see below for more information.

Housing level Exotic goods Entertainment
Small Villa - - Nothing
Medium Villa - 10 Healthcare: clinic or hospital, (entertainment: odeum)
Large Villa - 20 Hygiene: barber shop or bathhouse, religion: one god, (entertainment: theater)
Small Estate 1 type 30 Education: school or library
Medium Estate 2 types 45 Religion: two gods, justice: basilica or forum, (entertainment: arena)
Large Estate 3 types 60 Healthcare: both clinic and hospital, education: school
Small Mansion 4 types 70 Hygiene: both barber shop and bathhouse, religion: three gods, city walls, (entertainment: coliseum)
Medium Mansion 5 types 85 Education: both school and library
Grand Mansion 6 types 100 Religion: four gods, justice: both forum and basilica

Entertainment explained

A house's entertainment access is not measured by the number of different venues the house has access to. Instead, each type of entertainment venue contributes a certain number of points, and each patrician housing level requires a number of entertainment points to evolve, as listed in the table above.

The following table lists the number of entertainment points per venue.

Venue Points
Odeum 15
Theater 20
Arena 25
Coliseum with gladiators only 15
Coliseum with animals only 30
Coliseum with gladiators and animals 45
Circus 10

Example calculation: a patrician home has access to a theater, an arena, and a coliseum with only gladiators (no animals). From the above table, we see that it has 20+25+15 = 60 entertainment points, so the home will evolve to a large estate.