Caesar IV Overview

In Caesar IV you govern a province (and most importantly its capital city) in the Roman Empire. Success yields political advancement, allowing you to take on a new challenge in another province, as you climb the ladder of power in ancient Rome.

As city planner, you design and layout each city in detail, creating road networks to facilitate the distribution of resources, and to provide homes access to entertainment venues, healthcare facilities, fire protection services, and so on. Of course, you must in turn develop these industries and services to meet the needs of your growing population.

You control your city’s finances, and must quickly turn a profit in your new endeavor or face the wrath of the emperor. You must build a military force and direct the defense of the province against barbarian threats. You must establish far flung trade networks so the exotic wealth of the empire can flow into your province, bringing it fully under the Roman fold.

As the city grows from a simple village to a bustling cosmopolitan city, so too do your challenges and responsibilities increase. To achieve your goals as provincial governor in Caesar IV you must consistently provide for your citizens’ needs, keep them healthy, happy and safe… and on top of that satisfy the demands of the empire. Your ultimate goal is to rise among the political ranks of the empire, and become Caesar yourself.


State of the art city-building gameplay, feedback and visuals, including:

  • More than 100 unique buildings, diagonal roads, and a set of decorative items
  • More than 30 resources for trade and other uses
  • More than an hour of the music of favored composer Keith Zizza
  • Advisors to help you with your goals and extensive map overlays for detailed feedback on activities and problems in the city.
  • More than 75 unique characters, who go and get what they want and interact with their environment in detail. Select them and they tell you what they think of your city.
  • Rich, 3d environment with unlimited draw distances and immersive contextual audio

Over 100 hours of play in a variety of modes, including:

  • Career mode (campaign play) where you strive to become Caesar
  • Standalone competitive scenarios
  • Sandbox play in which you can build at your own pace
  • Empire level trade and diplomacy with Roman and foreign provinces
  • Combat