Buildings table

The table below lists for every building the cost on the three difficulty levels, the size in tiles, and the number of employees needed to staff the building.

In general, the cost of a building on Easy difficulty is half the cost on Normal; on Hard, buildings are 25% more expensive.

Plebs = plebs needed; Equites = equites needed

Building Cost (dn) Size Employees Service range Notes
Easy Normal Hard
Building Easy Normal Hard Size Employees Service range Notes
Cost (dn)
Road1111×1- Minimum size: 3x3
Grain Farm2040506×630 Plebs  
Grain Field10202512×12- Place on fertile land
Vegetable Farm2040506×633 Plebs  
Vegetable Field10202512×12- Place on fertile land
Cattle Farm2040506×633 Plebs  
Cattle Pasture8151915×15- Place on fertile land
Raw materials
Gold Mining camp2040508×842 Plebs  
Iron Mining camp2040508×842 Plebs  
Timber Cutting camp2040507×740 Plebs  
Clay Digging camp2040506×627 Plebs  
Sand Collecting camp2040506×627 Plebs  
Marble Quarry camp2040508×872 Plebs  
Olive Farm2040506×627 Plebs  
Olive Grove1325329×9- Place on fertile land
Grape Farm2040506×627 Plebs  
Grape Vineyard1325329×9- Place on fertile land
Sheep Farm2040506×631 Plebs  
Sheep Pasture8151915×15- Place on fertile land
Clothing Factory2550639×940 Plebs  
Glass Factory2550639×940 Plebs  
Olive Oil Factory2550639×940 Plebs  
Pottery Factory2550639×940 Plebs  
Furniture Factory2550639×948 Plebs  
Jewelry Factory2550639×948 Plebs  
Utensils Factory2550639×948 Plebs  
Wine Factory2550639×948 Plebs  
Armor Factory3875949×963 Plebs  
Weapons Factory3875949×963 Plebs  
Markets and storage
Food Market631251579×918 Plebs  
Basic Goods Market881752199×927 Plebs  
Luxury Market1132252829×931 Plebs  
Exotic Market15030037512×1239 Plebs  
Granary40801009×918 Plebs  
Warehouse3875949×922 Plebs  
Trade depot30607510×1027 Plebs  
Trade port38759410×1030 Plebs Place on the shoreline
Health and Hygiene
Barber Shop1530383×312 Equites47 tiles 
Bathhouse35708811×1138 Equites71 tilesNeeds pipe access to water
Clinic1835445×522 Equites53 tiles 
Hospital631251579×960 Equites89 tiles 
Shrine2550634×415 Equites47 tiles 
Temple7515018812×933 Equites97 tilesRequires 1 marble
School2040507×718 Equites59 tiles 
Library12525031312×1245 Equites95 tiles 
Odeum38759412×1018 Equites47 tiles 
Theater15030037515×1527 Equites59 tilesNeeds actors from an actor guild
Arena10020025015×1542 Equites71 tilesNeeds gladiators from a gladiator guild
Coliseum25050062524×2454 Equites89 tilesNeeds gladiators, and animals from a trainer guild
Circus5001000125072×2499 EquitesEntire cityNeeds charioteers from a charioteer guild
Actor Guild3060757×721 Equites  
Gladiator Guild3060757×730 Equites Needs weapons
Trainer Guild30607510×1036 Equites Needs meat
Charioteer Guild30607510×1031 Equites Needs timber
Reservoir408010011×1124 Equites96x96 area 
Pump House2040507×718 Equites Place next to water
Fountain815194×43 Equites Needs pipe access to water
Bridge200 - 500200 - 500200 - 5003×n-  
Ship Bridge720 - 1200720 - 1200720 - 12003×n-  
Praefect Office1530383×324 Plebs  
Engineering Office1325323×322 Plebs  
Tax Office1835444×414 Equites  
Governor's Villa10020025012×123 Equites You can only place one of the governor's residences
Governor's Mansion15030037515×153 Equites 
Governor's Estate20040050018×183 Equites 
Basilica2004005009×936 EquitesEntire cityNeeds magistrates from the governor's residence
Forum10020025021×1522 Equites119 tiles 
Small Hedgerow1020251×1-  
Large Hedgerow2040502×2-  
Small Hedge1020251×1-  
Large Hedge2040502×2-  
Small Bush10 252×2-  
Large Bush2040503×3-  
Small Tree1530382×2-  
Medium Tree2345573×3-  
Large Tree3060754×4-  
Plaza2221×1- Must be placed on top of a road
Standing Statue1835443×3-  
Huntsman Statue2550636×6-  
Horseman Statue3365826×6-  
Chariot Statue501001259×9-  
Winged Charioteer1002002509×9- Requires 2 marble
Tower1002002505×538 Plebs  
Wall3331×1- Minimum size: 3x3
Gate House751501885×545 Plebs  
Mess Hall501001259×938 Plebs  
Recruitment Post13026032512×1254 Plebs  
Drill Yard15030037520×2054 Equites  
Light Infantry Fort30060075024×16-  
Heavy Infantry Fort37575093830×20-  
Cavalry Auxilia Fort37575093830×20-  
Missile Auxilia Fort30060075024×16-