This table is a list of the keyboard hotkeys in Caesar IV. You may find them handy while playing the game.

Function Hotkey Alternative
Function Hotkey Alternative
Scroll upWUp arrow
Scroll downSDown arrow
Scroll rightDRight arrow
Scroll leftALeft arrow
Zoom in]
Zoom out[
Camera elevation/pitch modifier`
Reset viewHome
Screen controls
Go to CityF2
Go to EmpireF3
Go to AdvisorsF4
Toggle overlaysSpacebar
Hide/show UIU
Rotate building ghost clockwiseR
Rotate building ghost anti-clockwiseShift-R
Unconstrain walls from the 8 cardinalsCtrl
Number a cohortCtrl-number (eg. 1)
Add selected cohort to existing groupShift-number
Select cohortNumber
Go to cohortNumber (twice)
Navigating through objects
Set camera to follow selected person.
Track, center and zoom camera in on a selected target,
Select next associated homeCtrl-H
Select next associated figureCtrl-F
Manipulating objects
Destroy all selected buildingsDelBackspace
Help & Messages
Scenario informationI
Message logLPgUp
Increase game speed(number pad) +
Decrease game speed(number pad) -
Load last quicksaveF12
Load last autosaveCtrl-F12
Cancel or close current dialogEsc
Open optionsEsc
Take snapshotF9
Take snapshot without UIShift-F9
Take full city snapshotCtrl-F9