Minimap Colors

The table below shows the color legend for the in-game minimap. You can also download a PDF file of the legend, for easy printing.

Color: Buildings:
Resource: clay, sand, marble, iron or gold
Road with plaza
Insulae: pleb houses
Domus: equite houses
Villas, estates, mansions: patrician houses
Fields and pastures: grain, vegetable, cattle, sheep, olives and grapes
Food and raw materials: grain farm, vegetable farm etc, clay camp, sand camp, etc
Distribution: markets, granary, warehouse, trade buildings
Hygiene and health: barber, bathhouse, clinic, hospital
Education: school and library
Religion: shrines and temples
Entertainment venues: odeum, theater, arena, coliseum, circus
Entertainment schools: actor guild, gladiator guild, animal trainer, charioteer
Water: pumphouse, reservoir, well, fountain and aqueducts
Government: prefect, engineer, tax collector, governor’s palaces, forum, basilica
Gates, towers, walls
Military: forts, mess hall, armory and drill yard
Decoration: statues, gardens, hedges, bushes and trees