Scenarios with a * after their name have walkthroughs available.

Kingdom Campaign

In the Kingdom campaign, you'll learn how to play the game. The campaign takes place during the early days of the Roman Empire and consists of five scenarios.

# Scenario
1 Arretium*
2 Verona*
3 Capua*
4 Genoa*
5 Brundisium*

Republic Campaign

The Republic campaign takes place during the days when the Roman Empire was a republic, governed by the Senate. In this seven-mission campaign, you can choose between two cities every time you get promoted: one of them will focus more on the economic side of citybuilding, the other on the military side.

# Economic Military
1 Syracusae* Mediolanum*
2 Narbo* Thessalonica*
3 Caralis* Burdigala*
4 Corinth* Tarraco*
5 Narona* Emerita Augusta*
6 Condate Riedonum* Hippo Regius*
7 Carthago* Londinium*

Empire Campaign

Like in the Republic campaign, you have a choice of two cities after each promotion in the Empire campaign. Choose wisely: the missions are harder than in the Republic campaign.

# Economic Military
1 Viminacium* Argos*
2 Alexandria* Virunum*
3 Lugdunum* Ulpia Traiana*
4 Caesarea* Antiochia*
5 Ephesus* Moguntiacum*
6 Tingis* Tarsus*
7 Nicomedia* Colonia Agrippina*

Open play scenarios

These scenarios do not have any goals and can be played until you think you're "done". Note that Roma is only available as a downloadable scenario for those who pre-ordered the game.