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Sierra – Official Site

The official site, contains news, screenshots, downloads, F.A.Q. etc. Offers information in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian.

Link: No longer available.

Tilted Mill

The site of the developer

Link: No longer available.

Qua itur Romam?

For those of you who remember Grumpus’ C3 site “Which Way to Rome?”: Grumpus is back with a site for Caesar IV, containing walkthroughs and articles on the inner workings of the game.

Link: Qua itur Romam?

Caesar 4 Downloads

1.2 Patch

The 1.2 patch fixes gameplay and video issues, and allows players to load saves that were created in other language versions of the game. For the original retail boxed version.

File size: 13MB.

Link: Patches


Stationed in a newly established Roman province, your job as governor is to bring the region into the Roman fold by developing Narbo into a thriving capital city. Download size: 457MB.

Link: Cnet mirror

Link: FilePlanet mirror